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Question by Life Rocks: Is the search for REAL answers to life’s mysteries more gratifying than simply blindly accepting ancient dogma
Is there anybody else who feels an absolute joy and sense wonder and fulfillment when learning about the true scientific reasons for the how the universe and everything that is in it came to be ?

Do you feel an immense sense of wonder and amazement when you contemplate the sky at night and marvel at all we have learnt about our orgins and existance and all that there is still to know ?

Finally do you think that this joy and wonder is far superior to simply accepting ancient dogmatic myths as a way of explaining the world around us
St. Mike

You typed “Search no more!!!!”

That is the kind of thinking that disturbs me.

I say Never stop searching !

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Answer by johnny_zondo
by leaps and bounds, yes.

its not the destination that matters, its the journey.

i dont think many christians realize that. all theyre concerned about is with kissing enough a$s to get into heaven. once theyre there they have no plans. i myself realise that my time is limited here so i better make the best of it.

on sundays i try to go on hikes or walks. usually me and a few friends will make our own trails in the mountains by where we live. its better than dressing up to go to church. while theyre all in that church reinforcing their brainwashing im at the top of a high peak watching the sun rise.

i agree with all your points. blindly accenting dogma simply because it gives you a warm fuzzy felling inside or offers you the best prizes in exchange foryour faith is idiotic in my opinion.

its the journey people….not the destination.

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  1. Well I do. Nature is amazing. Science is wonderful for allowing us to better see the wonders underneath the surface. But for some accepting what they were taught…or what everyone else thinks is easier and for many of them it is just as moving.

  2. Well you can still awe at the wonder of our universe and still believe in God, the two questions are unrelated.

    However, I too seek the answers to life and I agree that no religion has all the answers. That is why I am only a christian in the fact that I believe in God and Jesus, and that is it.

    Good question, mate.

    Merry X-mas…..

  3. Search no more!!!!

    Jesus is the truth, the way and the life!

    “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One”

    (Shema Yisrael Adonai eloheinu Adonai ehad)

  4. Beautifully stated. Thank you:)

  5. Dogma and religion are intellectual crutches. And crutches are supposed to help you get “back on your feet”. However, most christians use this crutch all their lives. Too afraid to let go and stand on their own, they prefer the simple and comforting, yet wholly incorrect explanation that “god did it”.
    I really do pity them.

  6. Yeah. It’s all a pretty cool feeling :-)

  7. Yes ,when I look up into the sky and see the glory of the Lord it makes me feel absolutly wonderful ,he even siad in his word that he can hardly show us worldly things so Heaven must be so magnificently breathtaking that we cant even consume it in are bodys ,Praise the LORD

  8. I”n the beginning God created…” (Genesis 1:1).Kind of rankles you people a bit? The universe either created itself (which is impossible, in order to be it must be before), or it was created. Put it this way, can you convince anyone that no one made your watch? So how can convince anyone that no one made the universe?

  9. the is more to life than the christian fairy tales like life on outher planets and our need to get out there before our sun implodes and thats the end of the human race and we are the only ones who can do but if we listern to the religions thay will destroy the human race because thay are waiting for armagedon and that will kill us all

  10. I am always amazed when I look up at the sky. I am mesmerized by the complexity of the universe. God is awesome.

  11. Yes it is vary gratifying, and we will continue to be amazed by how life and our universe came to be, and scientific truth is what brings this wonder to us.

  12. Amen brother Rocker! And the icing is that the knowledge actually works! This is a tradition that goes all the way back to the Greek philosophers, who worked at replacing myth with “natural” explanations – which were like guiding beacons in the dark night of ignorance.

  13. 1. yes

    concerning question #4:Have you considered at least the possibility that those who do accept the ancient dogmatic “myths”could be seeing something that you have yet to experience?

  14. Science does not answer all the questions macro evolution ( species to species) has not been prov-en . The idea that the universe came about by accident also has no concrete evidence so how can you say its true? There’s many in the scientific community are open minded about a possible intelligence behind it all its just narrow minded to rule it out.

  15. While I am in the category of those who want the true no matter how ugly it is. There are many that are not able or willing to accept the realities of life without a god figure i.e. religion. I liken this to the movie “The Matrix”, where the truth of their existence was far harsher then the prison of illusion they lived in.

    Religion allows mankind to “project” it’s vision of the world in terms most can understand, example “a god created all things” as oppose to having everyone try and comprehend Astrophysics & the true chaos of the Universe. There are far more clergy around then there are therotical scientists for a reason. Religion provides ethical code and a sense of morality, while science simply attempts to explain our surroundings

  16. Do you know that there is no real forensic evidence to prove Evolution? – Evolution is a lie.
    Do you know that the earth is way too precise to be an accident? – Big Bang theory is a lie.
    Do you know how the cells know what to become, what part to play, when a baby is being formed? Science doesn’t know either.

    Even the worlds top ranking scientists are beginning to believe the truth:
    – The earth was created perfectly for human existence
    – We are created and formed perfectly, there is no way that the human brain was made by accident, or that sperm and egg know how to multiply together.

    I do agree with you that it is so wonderful and amazing to know how the universe came about, and that we can know our Creator. The Lord God Almighty is his name.

  17. Do you want to discuss myths or truths?

    If you consider that God created the universe and all life in it, then God would be a factor that would be outside of the universe yet able to influence it and effect it. Everything in the universe, including life, would then be in a box of sorts. So this would mean that you have God outside of the box, lets call the box the “cosmos”, and God is able to reach into the box.

    If you are searching for answers under this scenario and you only look inside the box for your answers then you would have the created trying to explain creation or the beginning or foundation of life. This is impossible to do without making some “truth assumptions” that are not truths at all. They are only guesses of truths claimed to be so by men, that seem to change as we gain more knowledge and understanding about life through the advancement of science and technology. This is not even logical or reasonable. This being the case are you willing to be ruled by your beliefs? Which we all are and what we believe is what we base our life choices on. Do you want to make your life choices with beliefs that are based on truth assumptions that have nothing to do with the truth.

    In fact by removing the concept of God as a Creator of life we miss out on alot. If life came about as an accident then each of our lives then serve no purpose because everyone is an accident. The value that you bring into the lives of others, those that are in your sphere of influence, would not be of any value because your life now has no purpose or true meaning other than you lived and you died as a speck in a moment of time. To have the ability to choose life and all that it holds cannot be a part of the equation if you are only an accident.

    On the other hand , when you bring in the concept of Creator and created into the picture, you open up a whole new world of possibilities. Now you can have purpose and a reason for your existence. You are able to accept that you were created with a purpose and that you have been given the gifts, talents, strengths, understandings and even your weaknesses to help you to accomplish the purpose of your creation. This also means that you are unique in the way the ingredients that make you you are put together. Now you are able to accept that you truly are special and have alot to offer those around you because you exist for a reason.

    If you are trying to avoid being able to explain the true wonder of all the creations around you with understanding and recognize that they are not only things of beauty they also reflect the personal tastes of The One that created them. Then you are in for a road filled with personal deceptions and self lies to avoid some obvious truths unless you allow yourself to be ruled by reason that is based on truths that do not change with increased knowledge.

    Science is great and helps mankind alot in uncountable ways. When we loose sight that science actually proves the existence of God and we only look inside the box for our answers we no longer are able to make conclusions based only on facts, we also have to include our assumptions and opinions based on what we believe to be true, even if it is not.

    God is a provable fact in real and tangible ways. If you are sincere in looking for the truth and put all that you are, mind body and soul into discovering the truth about God and whether He really exists, you will get an answer.

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