May 272012

Question by Life Rocks: Is the search for REAL answers to life’s mysteries more gratifying than simply blindly accepting ancient dogma
Is there anybody else who feels an absolute joy and sense wonder and fulfillment when learning about the true scientific reasons for the how the universe and everything that is in it came to be ?

Do you feel an immense sense of wonder and amazement when you contemplate the sky at night and marvel at all we have learnt about our orgins and existance and all that there is still to know ?

Finally do you think that this joy and wonder is far superior to simply accepting ancient dogmatic myths as a way of explaining the world around us

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Answer by Rolando Mactavish V
My dogma got run over by a karma

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  8 Responses to “Is the search for REAL answers to life’s mysteries more gratifying than simply blindly accepting ancient dogma”

  1. It will still remain a mystery

  2. Are you asking if Ignorance is BLISS? Absolutely in some cases …

  3. Yes to all three. But we can’t really claim to know ‘the truth’ (talking about the creation of the universe) when we get mad at other religions for claiming the same. Let’s accept them all as different theories and believe what we choose.

  4. Well, I don’t quite do the happy dance over a lot of the discoveries being made about the environment. Global dimming sucks. But reality is better than fantasy. now what are we going to do about the reality.

  5. Yes, we should not simply believe in religious beliefs. We should scientifically test them. Religion came into being coz man could not explain natural events as he did not have any knowledge of science.The real god in today’s industrial age is not Jesus or Allah or Krishna or Yahweh or Buddha or Mahavira or Guru Nanak, but science & technology. The only path to progress & prosperity in this world is by embracing science & technology as the ultimate reality.

  6. Yes…It just gives you a sense of wonder that makes you want to hang on to this life as long as you can. If more people seeked this, and less seeked ancient dogma for an uplifting purpous to live your life…the value of each human life would sky rocket, which would almost certainly lead to a better world.

  7. Gratification can come only from searching God’s word and allowing God to reveal to you what his purpose is for you. the world holds no solutions. Foreign religions are so full of legalism (dos and donts and what-nots) that it is impossible to decipher them, let alone follow them. Christianity is the only system of belief (it is not a religion) that is complete and that offers a definite plan of salvation. Science can follow only the Bible, as science in and of itself has no basis for belief or faith. The first three chapters of Genesis contain all of the foundational material that is needed to know of the origins of our being and the universe. God’s word is not dogma—-it is truth and cannot be disputed. It is everlasting.

  8. There is value in both. Both, if looked at from a positive perspective, can provide a sense of wonder, and understanding that is frankly astonishing. Problem is…

    As soon as someone looks at myth from the point of view of absolute truth, huge problems result. Myth, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. To the contrary, myth can be the key to understanding the mystery of your being. Those “ah-ha” moments that speak to inherent understanding of self and how we operate in this physical reality. In this, myth can be very helpful in understanding the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of the mystery of our being and the universe itself.

    Science provides the other side of the equation. It is equally remarkable and astonishing. Particularly the study of Quantum Physics. So, if you are one with an open mind, traversing both is incredibly satisfying.

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