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Question by Sally: Is the iliad a good novel to read for English class in highschool?
On the list of things we need, under the English section it sais we need a novel of our choice. It doesn’t give any other info. Would an enlish teacher be approving of the iliad?

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Answer by MavistheMaven
The Iliad is a classic and one that has long been taught by English teachers. The question is, is it a novel? I believe it’s a narrative poem, maybe not long enough to fit the requirement. Check with your English teacher to be sure.

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  1. Don’t listen to MavistheMaven. Of course the Illiad is a good choice! And it’s definitely long enough! Go for it! :) It’s a great read.

  2. The Iliad is a masterpiece, but you should consider the kids in your class, because, if you’re reading it in English, it can be a bit dull at points. If you’re set on ancient Greece, the Odyssey is much more readable. But, as it has been said, both are examples of epic poems, and not novels per se. With the right kids (and the right parents, unless you skip a chapter), Apuleius’ Golden Ass would be more suited. It is also great fun, and a mystery tale to booth.

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