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Question by Summer Smile: Is short shorts with a long cardigan a combo to create the illusion of shortened or lengthened legs?
I know that long cardigan with long pants or capri is a recipe for the illusion of shorter legs. But i’ve heard that short shorts and a long cardigan can actually make the legs look longer. is that true? I’m 5 feet tall, and I DON’T want to make the illusion of shortened legs, if not lengthened ones.
When i mean long cardigan, I mean a cardigan that goes past my waist and covers my butt, but hits above the knee.

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Answer by Beach Blondiee x.
I just think it makes you look like your not wearing pants . And i do not think its true . I’m 5 foot 8 and a half and i have really long legs , and when i wear stuff like that, it just makes me look shorter

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  1. lengthen , short shorts show skin while the cardigan is so long it elongates ur torso.

  2. I think since you are so short that it might eat you up and wear you. But the best way to test it out is to try it our yourself.

  3. This will shorten the look of your legs.

  4. It all depends on how long is your cardigan. If your cardigan is a lot longer than your shorts, then it will definitely make your legs shorter. What you will see when you look at the silhouette is long block of sweater fabric = cardigan, and two short stubs for legs. The fabric ratio to your leg ratio will be bigger.

    On the other hand if your cardigan is same length or few inches shorter then your shorts it will lengthen your legs. To achieve ultimate long legs, pair up your shorts with heels, or wedges. The heels will add few more inches to your legs. When somebody looks at your silhouette they will see small block of fabric = short cardigan, and portion of shorts showing from underneath of cardigan, and long endless legs. The cardigan + shorts fabric will be smaller ratio to your legs that will look longer by adding the heels on.

    Kvetka – jewelry designer @ Ooh-la-la Beadtique

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