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Question by : Is self-awareness a dimension?
Quantum Physics says that there are eleven dimensions.
Is self-awareness a dimension or a part of a dimension?

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Answer by Radius Maximus
Conscious thought is a chemical process, a product of neural activity that lacks an embodiment. It has more affinity to electrical circuits, than computation from spin flipping. So, while your subconscious mind can feel like it is leading you through a dimension of reality, it’s all in your mind. A dimension would be a measurable quantity, like charge, mass, length, time, strangeness, or others.

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  1. Depends who you ask.

    Most people accept that there are four dimensions:

    1. Length

    The four dimensions are all that is needed to describe any event you would normally come into contact with in normal everyday life.

    Quantum physics deals with the strange phenomena that occur in reality or the discipline of physics. In order to explain the very strange phenomena they need to invent very strange idea’s. Consciousness as a dimension could easily be one of these strange idea’s. So yes, according to most people, there are only four dimensions but if you ask a quantum physicist he might tell you there are 11 and one of them “lives” in your head.

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