Question by Brittany D: is neuroscience extremely hard?
i’m not in college yet, but i will be soon. im thinking about going to a small liberal arts school, and i want to study neuroscience. my uncle, on my moms side, and my cousin, on my dads side, have both died in the past year due to problems with their brains. i want to do neuroscience because i want to help people that need help like my uncle and cousin. im scared to take the course, though, because im scared im not smart enough. i thought i would like astronomy, and i took it, and it’s too hard and i dont understand it. but i have always had a desire to take like psychology and something in nuerscience. i don’t want to be one on one with a patient, i’d rather do research or something. is it really really hard? im so scared to take it.

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Answer by waterlily3422
I would imagine there would be plenty to study for. 🙂

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