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Question by Esodokra: Is it possible for more open-minded people to experience paranormal activity?
I’m 16 years old and am very much aware of all the spiritual realms and higher beings and lowers beings. Since i’m open-minded and a very sensitive being could this make me experience paranormal activity.

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Answer by Nitsua N
You watch too many movies.

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  1. I would be careful, there are consequences getting into paranormal activity some of them are quite harmful and frightening.

  2. not only that your open minded but I think your age also is a factor to the fact your in tune. You should email lets say chip from ghost hunters, or Tthe guys from Taps. I am friends with chip I’m positive on myspace..so let me know if I can help.

  3. Yes definately because you are more open to these things so your subconcious doesnt block it out. Im just like you…it happens to me…

    Could you please help me out on mine?


  4. I think it’s something you’re born with. Some people are really skeptic/closed-minded til they have an experience or two… so it’s hard to say if you can really induce it in yourself.

    Being very self-aware and observant is great in the real world in general… Sometimes its just about all of the coincidences that you pic up on.

  5. Don’t be so open minded that people throw trash in your head. Looks like you’ve already reached that point. ‘Open minded’ doesn’t mean credulous. It means being open to the idea that you’re wrong. It sounds like you’re not. Because frankly, none of that stuff has ever been shown to exist. But hey, prove me wrong – I’m open minded and I’ll examine the evidence as a scientist. So far there’s no evidence at all.

  6. Of course, but do be careful. Stay close to God.

  7. What is real is real. No matter if you believe it to be so, or not. You have just as much as a chance as any one of us.

  8. If something is real you don’t need to be open mined to experience it, you may never have heard of gravity but if you push your spoon off the edge of the table you will still see it fall to the floor.

    On the other hand if you want to imagine that you see something that has never been proved to exist a good dose of what you call ‘open mindedness’ is a great help indeed.

  9. Research indicates open-minded people are more likely to experience psi.

    You might benefit by reading The Path of the Higher Self, Mark Prophet,
    Light Is a Living Spirit, O. M. Aivanhov, and
    Watch Your Dreams, Ann Ree Colton.


  10. Don’t miss your teenage years getting involved in the paranormal. Go do things teenagers do..Well.. I mean the good fun things teenagers do. Leave the paranormal to God.

  11. In your case probably yes. You’ve closed your mind to other possibilities concerning spiritual realms and higher and lower beings.

  12. Perhaps open mindedness does not cause people to experience paranormal activity more but just causes them to be able to recognize it. We all have the capability of explaining things away, saying that something was just our Imagination, etc.

    It is difficult, but try not to draw conclusions too quickly, either way. If you are interested in thee paranormal, read and learn what other people have experienced. Read also what the skeptics have to say. Make up your own mind based on what makes sense to you.

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