Aug 042013

Question by bebefunfun: is it good to do cognitive science minor with econ major (accounting minor) if i want to go to law school?
I know that cognitive science involves a lot about psychology, neuroscience, and linguistics, and I figured that it would be helpful for critical thinking in law too and I’m kind of interested in that. But my other concern is I’m not good at science and will doing a minor in cognitive science pull down my chances of applying to law school in terms of getting a bad GPA?

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Answer by Trent
Law schools will look at your GPA, but this will be normalized and you will be compared to other people in your school and with your major. So while you might have a 3.5 with your major at School A, you will not really be compared with a person at School B who has a 3.8 in a different major. That being said, your GPA is still really important but I think it has more to do with your major than your minor. I also don’t think that any particular major or minor gives you an advantage once you are in school, especially not in your first year. Once you can take elective courses your background might help you. For example you mention an accounting minor, if you take tax law classes then your accounting knowledge may help you.

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