Apr 262011

A quasi scientific approach. Examples given from the news and natural science. The question that we ask ourselves is “is what I see in meditation real or not?” how do we define real and how do we know what we are doingis really having an effect in the outside world. Raising questions and questioning answers. Discernign good and useful information from bad and useless information. Nick Dutch ( www.nickdutch.co.uk )acts as a professional tarot reader for a living. A tarot reading is an entertainment service that has the therapeutic benefit of a conversation (and can be good fun too!). Nck Dutch also provides you with the access to occult new age / magickal books and tarot cards ( www.bespoke-group.com ). Nick Dutch also composes mind altering meditation recordings believed by some people to be useful in learning the “psychic arts” ( www.songcastmusic.com )
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  3 Responses to “Is Hallucination actually perception? Divination from astral activity”

  1. another example colors if i look at a color and you look at a color and we both agree that it is red how do i know that the color that you see is the same exact color that i see even if we both agree.

  2. i think perception is reality i dont think that reality has anything to do with anyother person . example a person thinks that the see squirels running about. you may not see them but he does. thus his reality is that the squirels are there.

  3. very neat stuff

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