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Question by MN: Is a soul the same thing as a consciousness?
People who believe in souls talk about it as if it is a thing which has sensory perception and sentience.

Can the soul be equated to the consciousness?

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Answer by Anon Eemus
No. Souls are some mystical crap, but a consciousness is part human psychology.

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  1. the thing usually referred to as a ‘soul’ does not exist … but people sometimes use the word differently …

  2. I think they are linked. But I also think the consciousness is linked to the spirit. The soul dies when the human body dies. But I believe the spirit is eternal and lives on. As A Christian, I believe that the spirit is rehoused in a new eternal body (made of eternal elements) at the resurrection.

  3. No, a “soul” is about as real as a doppelganger or an orc.

    Consciousness is the name given to the very real observation that we are self-aware.

  4. The soul is a concept developed over time to explain consciousness at a time when people knew nothing about how the brain worked.

  5. We can be conscious of the imagination of the ego or conscious of the truth from God, which is the soul. The ego’s thoughts pass into oblivion with truth.

  6. Don’t listen to these losers about souls not existing…all people have souls…except gingers….

  7. I believe the soul contains consciousness, but may also be more.
    Those who don’t believe in any form of soul are ridiculous, as the physical (brain mush) is logically incapable of producing consciousness and concepts.

    God bless.

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