SEE YOUR FUTURE! Just rub my crystal ball with your mouse and click when I tell you. Enjoy! THIS IS A PARODY OF ZOLTAR: This Fortune Teller doesn’t accept your money… however he does love STARS! ; ) VIDEO CONTAINS CLICKABLE BUTTONS! NOT WORKING?: Click “More Info” above then try this! -First, try refreshing. Sometimes YouTube has trouble loading the annotations. If that doesn’t work then try this… – Instead of watching this video in “High Quality”, view it in “Standard Quality”. “High Quality” seems to disable annotations for some people. – The buttons will NOT appear if the video is embedded or if you’re watching this from anything other than a PC or Mac (like a Wii, PS3, mobile phone, AppleTV, TiVo, ect.) Enjoy your fortunes! -SMP Films
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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