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by lism.

Question by D S: In what order do I watch Fullmetal Alchemist?
So i watched full metal alchemist, do i watch the ova now or the movie or brotherhood, help please
just to be clear i have already watched FMA (51 episodes), so im guessing i should watch the movie of the first FMA then the OVA’s and then the brotherhood stuff, right??

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Answer by Live it, Love it, Dance it.
OVAs are just extra side storys, you can watch that anytime. The next series, Brotherhood, is a completly different story, so you do not need to watch the movie first.

The simple answer: in any order you want to!

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  1. since you’ve finished fma, watch the movie first cuz its a continuation of the series. followed by the ovas (chibi party, kids, liveaction, alchemists vs homunculi, and reflections). afterwards, watch fma brotherhood. its better than fma imo. and then, watch the ovas (the blind alchemist, simple people, tales of the master, and yet another man’s battlefield).

  2. The first anime is only based on the manga at the beginning but for strange reasons had to go loose on it, so it had a completely original ending. And, I gotta give it to the creators, even like that it was really awesome.

    Brotherhood is a remake of the anime that is strictly adhered to the manga’s story.

    They are the same story only in the beginning, hence, you are free to watch either you wish first. You don’t even need to watch both if you don’t want to.

    If you choose to watch the first anime, the movie “The Conqueror of Shamballa” is a continuation of it, so watch it after the first anime.

    The OVAs are side stories, but they were made after the first anime and before Brotherhood, so you may prefer to watch them after the first anime as well. In fact, one of them makes a reference to the movie, so I suggest you watch the movie before them.

  3. FMA (Original story line, plot’s a bit confusing HOWEVER, the characters are more emotional, and it shows more of their childhood)
    FMA: Conqueror of Shamballa (movie which contiues onto FMA)
    OVAS (which are side extras(: that are nice and short)
    FMA: The Blind Alchemist ( I think it was about 6 episodes, nothing special really, but nice to watch)
    FMA:Brotherhood (A whole new series, based closely on the manga, better plot)

    Theres a new FMA movie coming out next year.

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