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Question by Eric: In The Nature of Reality?


This theory is completely delineated as the main concept in my book.

This theory has been written to open our minds to potential possibilities in the nature of our realities.

Quantum Physics describes that our minds have the potential to be much greater than any of us could have ever imagined where with a thought anything is possible. I conclude it is a probability that we were meant to live for so much more. As we open our minds and open our hearts, we will adapt to using different levels of our mind. This is achieved through an enhanced awareness, a heightened sense of things, and a deeper understanding of life.

In this theory, everything at the smallest level of reality (a subatomic level or the Planck Scale) (1.616252×10−35 m)) exists as an energy, an energy that flows in a wave pattern powered by different level of vibrations. These vibrations can be altered and effected by the process of a thought which would be governed by human consciousness. This energy is the (God Particle) or the higher intelligence that is known to maintain and control the events of the entire universe.

Anything and everything that happens at a subatomic level cannot be quantifiable by any kind of mathematical means. We can only conclude certain probabilities out of different possibilities. In this theory, our minds can actually affect the vibrational frequencies at that level and change them in whichever way we please.

Also within this theory, we adapt to using 100% of our minds by accumulating a deeper understanding of a universal love. Love is the strongest thing our natural beings can create. Through a pure and natural true love which we would acquire once re-adapting ourselves in a pure and natural environment and strongly connecting with our one true other, we would achieve an alternate understanding of reality and in theory connect to the quantum field which would in-turn grant us access to the other 90% of our minds.

Simply put, love (an essence which ceases to exist in space and time) would be the path to our “Nirvana” or deeper level of consciousness. I also conclude it is probable that within this divine and perfect true love, we would continually endure what is known as the “Feel Good Effect”.

At a deeper level of consciousness we may never age. Aging could also be unnatural. It could only exist because we believe it to. In the nature of reality, our bodies which are going to be governed by a deeper level of consciousness may never experience the sense of aging at all. At this point, the constant fluctuation and coalescence of love may regularly change and replenish our body’s cells for an amaranthine amount of time.

There wouldn’t be any means of a need for survival as the entire planet may live in an immense intent of harmony that is constantly changing, learning, and adapting so life can continually replenish itself in an everlasting pure and natural energy.

Again this theory has been written to open our minds to potential possibilities in the nature of our reality. – Eric Cameron

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  1. And the question is…? I don’t mind hearing different persons and their points of view, arts, music, poetry, etc. But that’s not what I’m doing here. It isn’t your personal soapbox. Get a website of your own and talk til your blue. But let’s leave this to what it was designed for. Sorry, but I want to answer philosophy questions. Nice speech though.

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