Question by Des: I’m creating a new sorcery for 7th sea and want some ideas, please?
It’s a summoning sorcery, similar to Yuna’s in Final Fantasy X, but I don’t want those same creature types. Try unique mythical creatures or just create your own. Thanks for the help.

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Answer by StormKnight
Yahoo answers is probably NOT the best place for this 🙂 I’d recommend or I’m sure there are dedicated 7th Sea forums as well.

Bit rusty on 7th Sea so some of my terms may be wrong here. Sorcery in 7th sea is generally tricky to use and has major limitations. Summoning something should certainly cost a drama die, and potentially have difficult requirements (certain objects or ingredients for the summoning), or risk going wrong (perhaps summons get out of control), take a long time to summon, or perhaps drain energy from the summoner in the form of a dramatic wound.

An easy but flexible way of handling the stats for a summon might be to give the summoner a certain amount of dice to divide up between “tasks” based on their summoning score.

For example, lets say you get 3 dice per point of Summon.

So, Yuna has Summon 3. Needing to break through the reinforced door of a Montaigne noble before he can hide evidence, she calls up the Iron Fist of the North; creating a giant battering ram that roars in fury and swings of its own accord. She assigns all 9 of its dice to “smashing things”, making a very effective door breaker that can’t do anything else.

Later, as the party flees from a force of guards, she decides she must buy the party time. With a spell, flames leap from the candles on the walls and turn into living spirits of fire wielding blazing swords. She assigns 3 dice to “attack”, 3 to “defend” and 3 to “fire”. They can fight off the guards for a bit, and will be setting the building ablaze as they do, which she figures should really deter pursuit.

Hope that’s any help!

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