Question by AS: If you placed Mystics from all the great religous traditions in the same room?
Would there be silence and there would be nothing to disagree about?
Please share your insights on Mysticism be they Christian, Jewish, Islamic or other.

“God enters into you with all that is his, as far as you have stripped yourself of yourself in all things. It is here that you should begin, whatever the cost, for it is here that you will find true peace, and nowhere else.”
Meister Eckhar -Talks of Instruction

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Answer by Zimmia
Honestly I think you’re probably on to something. As a mystic myself, I tend to have a larger view of spirituality and religion than those who are taught doctrine and don’t explore on their own.

I think there would be disagreement, but I don’t think it would be anywhere near as violent a confrontation as we can see here on these boards, for example.

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