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Question by The Architect: If the universe is consciousness, can it evolve?
If the universe is consciousness (quantum computer), can the way it processes information evolve, such as a change in the fundamental laws of physics?

Could the big bang be a prior evolution?

Any thoughts about the topic are welcome…

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Answer by doeboy111
the universe is constantly changing and shifting and exploding 10000000000000000 times more powerfully than nukes. the big bang, was the start of the universes time stream. just watch doctor who from the ninth doctor till now and you will learn everything you want.

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  1. The universe is evolving and it does have some conscious activity going on within it. Whether it is conscious and aware of any other conscious activity within it than us I can only guess. I imagine it does and is aware of us but that is about all I can say about that. What goes on in my imagination is between me and the universe. And that may be how it is conscious and aware of us if it is at all capable of consciousness.

  2. I believe so yes. We would be considered a very primitive form of evolution. One that kills each other, destroys it’s home and uses all the resources.

    Evolution on the consciousness level could be inter dimensional. Some of these topics are so advance to us that it boggles the mind. Like the concept of flight would boggle the mind of the average man 300 years ago. I really believe we’re still sitting in the dark ages of evolution.

  3. A. N. Whitehead thought so. (“Process and Reality,” and other writings.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Process_and_Reality

    The Self-Aware Universe, Amit Goswami,
    God at the Speed of Light, Baumann, and
    The Mindful Universe, Henry P. Stapp, are related.

    Dzogchen http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dzogchen teaches that our universe developed certain Light, then consciousness, due to stirrings from a prior universe.

  4. I would say that evolution is physical and so the Universe can only evolve physically.

    The Buddha likened Enlightenment to the dissipation of clouds before the Sun. The Supreme consciousness is already there, omnipotent and omnipresent, we just cannot perceive it fully.

  5. The universe and all things in it continuously evolve. Evolution is change and change is a fundamental principle of motion. All physical matter is in motion, so all matter evolves in at least that way. Because the things in the universe are evolving, so too is the universe undergoing evolution. The direction in which it evolves, if it can be said to have a positive or negative direction, is only in relation to how we interpret it.

    Is the universe conscious? Probably not in the same way that we are conscious, but in a quantum way we cause the universe to be conscious, and vice-versa. It has been shown that conscious observation resolves quantum uncertainty. By definition, if something reacts to a stimulus, then it can be said to have a consciousness of a sort, even if it is not lucid in the same way that we are.

    The big bang was a change in the state of existence itself. That transformation can be categorized as evolution because it represents change. It is philosophically analogous to a genetic mutation that is a characteristic of biological evolution.

  6. The universe is not conscious, and it evolves. Things don’t evolve by willing it.

  7. errors on so many levels:

    “If the universe is consciousness…” the universe has no consciousness. It is not a quantum computer. It is just matter conforming to a few simple laws.

    What can you mean by evolution when linked to inorganic matter?

    The idea you propose is just New Age religion replacement of old and superstiton based religion such as Christianity and Islam. It is just as much nonsense too.

  8. Identification with such topics of desire belong to the realm of Continuous Incompleteness.
    As long as One meditates on such things, he will believe that such a thing is worth pursuing.

    But the completeness inherent in every flowing thought action and word is flowing completely always.

    The dimension of completeness is usually unconcerned with the realms of need, want, and action of thought or physicality.

  9. It’s not.

  10. Assuming you only see one universe….yes. I can only answer from the perspective of how I understand our corner of All-That-Is. :)
    All thoughts, emotions, ideas and imaginings from the entire collective, alter the universal flow. This is a huge concept and not often understood. Not one grain of sand, not one leaf on a tree, not one human whimper goes unnoticed. Everything affects everything.

    As for the big bang, my understanding of it, is quite different than most people’s…but it makes perfect sense to me. Rather than typing it, perhaps this link will suffice. http://www.thenewgnosis.org/thesethiangnosisoldandnew.htm#_Toc68849513

    If the big bang was prior to evolution…I would say we need to reconsider what time is. It’s maybe a dimension, perhaps an illusion, or some say it’s man made. There is potential for no “before or after”, to apply in certain arenas. :)

    And here’s this quote….

    Postulate of Invariance
    Axiom of Least Contradiction
    Verity of Exclusion
    Metamagic is the art of manipulating the laws that govern magic itself, that is, the seven rules listed above under the other schools. It is the principle focus of Secret of the Sixth Magic, wherein it is discovered/formulated (which may explain why no associated aphorisms are given, due to its newness). Wielding Metamagic involves suspending the current rules, replacing them with new rules, and reinstating the rules—the greater the skill of the Metamagician, the greater the difference between the old rule and the new one may be.
    The Postulate of Invariance states that there can only be seven rules governing magic; the Axiom of Least Contradiction states that the seven rules that are in effect are those that best match the (non-magical) effects occurring during periods when the rules are suspended; the Verity of Exclusion states that those who are capable of wielding Metamagic are inherently incapable of wielding any other magic and vice versa.”

    I work with meta physical concepts and ideas. And I love it.

  11. Although I cant prove it isnt I don’t see any reason to believe that it is.

  12. If the universe is consciousness, can it evolve?

    ~~~ Understanding that every moment of existence, ever, exists (synchronously) Now!
    Understand that all ‘time’ and all ‘motion’ exist in/as ‘thought/imagination’ ONLY!
    And even that is perceived right Here! right Now!
    All existence, sans ‘thought’ exists for One timeless moment!

    Every moment of existence exists Now!

    “The Laws of Nature are not rules controlling the metamorphosis of what is, into what will be. They are descriptions of patterns that exist, all at once… ” – Genius; the Life and Science of Richard Feynman
    All ‘eternity’ at once; Now!!

    There is only one moment (Planck moment = 10^-43/sec; “almost” one billion trillion trillion trillionths of a second!!!) of the entirety of existence/Reality/the Universe!
    All existence, ever, is one, literally, ‘timeless’ moment!

    Not anything ever ‘changes’!
    Every moment, ever, is and can be only exactly as it Is! Here! Now!
    The ‘theory of evolution’, of ‘movement’, of ‘time’, exists, flourishes, in the soil of the imagination ONLY!

    Consciousness Is!
    We Are!

    The only apparent differences, ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’, is only a matter of Perspective!
    The One Coin, the One Reality, remains unchanged;
    Some see Coin edges. Today Edge-ians argue with the Tails-ians, but tomorrow, understand;

    “The acceptance and understanding of other Perspectives furthers our acquaintance with Reality!”

    It is both Heads and Tails and Edge, all inclusive, in it’s ultimate Reality, One! Omni-!

    This is not a ‘linear’ thing but Holistic! Not yesterday, tomorrow… but Now!

    “Reality is a synchrony of moments!”

    What is ‘evolution’? An imaginary theory, perceived in the Here and Now!

    Consciousness simply Is.
    We Are!

    Not anything actually ‘evolves’ (‘actually’ being an expeditious distinction between something imaginary and something not imaginary) Every moment is merely the experiencing/perceiving of That Which Is!

    tat tvam asi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tat_Tvam_Asi)

  13. Evolution is a theory so we cannot answer but speculate.
    Evolution, while nothing evolves, explains how life evolves. If the universe were conscious, it has to according to this theory.
    But we know it’s not conscious. Forms change in certain ways but not evolving. The fundamental matters form into various combinations that can keep changing – but no way to be qualified as evolution.

    But does life really evolve or just changing? If the universe is incapable of evolving, how does it gain lifeforms ? How does consciousness occur to become lifeforms? The problem with this evolutionary theory is – it only cannot explain how life started whether here or somewhere in the universe. If it started only on earth, why it only happened once? They explain with “the right conditions” that during the early hot rock period, or something like that, the right condition happened. This speculation is too broad to explain how.

    My question will remain like this – why life doesn’t occur all the time if it occurred on early earth? Why only once and only on earth?

  14. Yes and No.

    Consciousness can be nothing else but Consciousness. So what is it to Evolve to? (^^)

    Evolution is a concept that emerges from Perception and Thought. We perceive movement, changes, time, space and at the same time we perceive with our senses. Perception, senses and thought gives us dimension that creates the ilusion of what we call reality. In this sense, Evolution exists but it exists only in our mind. Consciousness is the net or membrane that supports the Universe. I have a profound respect for its mystery, its astonishingly marvelous and beautiful.

    In latin exist means ‘to come out’. I would say come out of consciousness or silence, spirit, god, Buddha nature, light, etc. (^^)

    Consciousness is not a predictable path, a one way path, it is an infinite one.

    We do evolve and this is neverending.



  15. Yes, the universe is consciousness.

    EVERYTHING is connected.

    Are we all connected and part of one universal mind in one sea of energy?

    Brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor tells us in a powerful 20 minute speech how she came to understand how we are all connected in this universe of energy. One morning she was having a massive stroke and as it happened she could feel that her brain functions slipped away one by one and at the same time she was feeling and seeing all this energy around her. She felt enormous and expansive and one with the energy around her. This speech is powerful and Dr. Taylor tells us how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one another.






    Because everything in the Universe is composed of energy, and is therefore connected, each thought that you have has a direct effect on your physical reality. You may find this concept hard to accept at first, especially if it is new to you.


    Einstein said in 1929 and was quoted by the New York
    Times, “I believe in Spinoza’s god who reveals Himself
    in orderly harmony that exists, not a God who concerns
    himself with the fate of human beings” (source: Albert
    Einstein – Scientist, edited by Paul Schilipp 1970).
    Spinoza was a rationalist philosopher and a pantheist.
    He believed that everything is interconnected within
    one gigantic system and that this system and everything
    it contains is “God.” Monotheistic religions and
    traditional Deism sharply differentiate between Creator
    and creation. Spinoza and Einstein make no distinction
    between God and the cosmos.

    Einstein started with Spinoza’s general principle that
    everything that exists is essentially one, and
    everything is harmoniously interconnected into a
    beautiful whole. From this presupposition, he developed
    his theories of physics through blackboard mathematics.
    During the later part of his career, Einstein’s futile
    pursuit of a unified field theory was driven by his
    belief that everything is harmoniously connected and
    interrelated. Einstein acquired this life-long
    conviction in his youth while reading Spinoza’s
    pantheistic philosophy.

    Do evolutionists suppress facts?

    Yes, evolutionists often suppress the facts when they are inconvenient to the evolution model and the philosophy of materialism.


  16. nice thought, but its impossible. i saw in discovery channel that nature is evolving in a certein equation, a mathematical pattern, that never changes, there for it can never change the laws of physics.
    an event that it would change its pattern would have to be a miracle.

  17. uniontera poem _ type D

    hope it helps

  18. I believe it does evolve.

    I’ve been writing about this topic for a while now, anyhoo here’s what I have so far:


    Part III of the essay addresses evidence pointing to that the universe is literally a living thing in the sense that anything is a living thing.

  19. I would imagine that we puny humans here on the surface of this planet might even “be” evidence the conscious universe “is” truly evolving, perhaps like the microbes in and about our bodies evolve. The microbes in the left ear are different species that the microbes in the right ear, etc, and maybe in some nebulous way the echoes of our language and poetry and music are part of that evolving process.

    I know that I’ve always been moved big time by rock music. Was that a truly individual conscious choice of mine? Sometimes it feels like so many factors are out of our control, that we might as well say we are…

    Part of something much larger.

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