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Question by Artisticat: If a NECROMANCER were real, or even asking about them in books and games, what GOOD could they bring?
I’ve only read of the destruction they can bring, and I am unsure if there is any good that could come from necromancy.
Xenon and Romantic… That’s not exactly answering the question. You fail. :( Thanks though.

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Answer by XenonVortex BlackOp Death Eater
Usually they’re portrayed as evil sorcerers who do all kinds of creepy dark magic like raising dead corpses and that sort of stuff. By definition, a necromancer is usually involved in dark magic, so I’m not sure how there could be a “good” necromancer.


Oh really? Well, then excuse me, I’ll try again if that wasn’t good enough. All I’m saying is that it’s described as the “blackest of black arts”, so nothing good would really come out of it. Unless, they summon spirits to give messages to people. And to be fair to Romantic and I, your question is kind of confusing. Not all necromancers are destructive, some of them make a profession out of communicating with summoned spirits and that sort of thing.

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  1. Necromancy is one of the Dark Arts, so there isn’t much good in it. Sure, the people will come to life, but they’ll be unhappy.

  2. Well, cheap labor for one – zombies or skeletons working treadmills or – depending on their motor skills – more difficult tasks like masonry or carpentry (not cooking though, it’s not very hygienic).

    Necromancers could also be the backbone of any army – a solider falls and raises again as an undead warrior (of course that would be a worst case as it might start a… necromantic cold war or something).

    They are in general believed to know much about anatomy so they could make excellent doctors.

  3. They could raise the dead for cheap labour, effectively undead slaves which could help humanity. They could be the final last resource for any army, which they can bring the dead back to life and just carry on fighting the enemy.

    Or they could bring the murdered back to life and help solve murders! They could help solve ancient mystery’s like who was jack the ripper, or what really happened in roswell?! They could even bring back jesus, or give us the key to immortality!

    good question!

  4. Have you ever read the book Sabriel, by Garth Nix? Because the main character is a sort of necromancer- she uses the same tools and everything, but instead of raising the dead, she puts them back. So that would be a good way to use a necromancer’s power. Also, if the necromancer can bring people back who can speak, they could get information from people who are dead (like asking a murder victim who their killer is, or talking to a great mind of the past). Then there’s the cheap labor argument, but that isn’t morally acceptable to some people.

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