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Question by Nas I Know I Can: I want to start my own secret society or sacred brotherhood. Should I do it?
I study mysticism and want to start a secret society for fellow mystics where I get paid to teach others principles for living and attracting wealth and prosperity into their lives. Membership would be permanent so that once you join, you can never leave, unless you give 500 000 dollars to your host, and 500 000 to your appointee and if you do leave, you are sworn to an oath of secrecy so that you can’t tell anybody where you’ve been or what you’ve done.

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Answer by scooterpoop supreme contributor
Well, first off, if you want it to be secret you have to stop posting it’s existence in a public forum.

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  8 Responses to “I want to start my own secret society or sacred brotherhood. Should I do it?”

  1. Becoming a born-again Christian makes far more sense.

  2. Sure go for it…
    if you need a community site for it i’m avalable

  3. yes!!!

    do it!!!

    can I join?

  4. I don’t think anyone with a cool million would fall for that load of crap but you can always try, just know that if it is secret it is not legally binding. so, there really isn’t any reason to not tell anyone else .

  5. How much will you pay me not to tell anyone about it?

  6. im for it, e-mail me

  7. If you’ve ever voted for a political party you have joined one.

  8. So you join for free, but pay big to get out? I’ll just cut to the chase and save 500K.

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