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Question by Nick: I dont understand Full metal alchemist /brotherhood?
I watched all of full metal alchemist and the ending made it seem over but i went on to see Brotherhood. I was confused about Brotherhood and how it didnt take off from Full metal alchemist. When i looked it up i found that multiple people posted that Conquerer of Shambala is the real story and to understand Brotherhood you need to watch that. I just finished Shambala and now i still don’t understand because at the end of Shambala instead of just Ed being in the other world now ed in Al are in the other world. But in brotherhood al has his memory, and is in a suit of aromor… I Don’t get it..

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Answer by M.Drinkwater
its a very complicated plot you have to follow I know what you mean I’ve watched it too

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  1. Brotherhood is not in any way a sequel to the original Fullmetal Alchemist from the story’s internal chronology. It’s a completely separate parallel universe with the same characters. This is due to the state of the manga when the original show was made.

  2. The original FMA series differed greatly from the manga.

    FMA Brotherhood is a remake. It follows the manga more closely. They’re two entirely different series.

  3. The people who said that are messed in the head. The story of Full Metal Alchemist was off. It didn’t follow the manga. Where as Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Followed the Manga almost perfectly. So basically, completely ignore the original FMA and Conquerer of Shambala because they aren’t part of the story.

  4. Full Metal Alchemist and Full Alchemist Brotherhood are completely different.

    its probably just easier to think of them as two different anime using the same main characters.

  5. You didn’t need to watch conquerer of shambala to understand brotherhood because it is not related to it in anyway. Conquerer of shambala is the movie that was made after full metal alchemist not full metal alchemist brotherhood. The reason you don’t get full metal alchemist /brotherhood is because
    full metal alchemist brotherhood is a remake of full metal alchemist. they made a remake because full metal alchemist did not follow the manga completely but full metal alchemist brotherhood sticked to the content of the manga.

    Hope i helped :)

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