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Question by Betty Boop: I asked a question about free will and I got a great response.?
Of course as you know I am an Atheist. Still I believe in Mans Free Will. But It seems even with the Big Bang Theory and Evolution every event would be determined by a previous event so therefore how can there be Free Will? Can anyone help me with this? Or do we just not have free will?
Aquila, thank you very much I love your explanation. I must admit I don’t understand anything about quantum physics or atomic particles but I accept it and will have to do some reading.
William r, your explanation makes no sense thanking would just be something else predetermined if everything else was. kisses Betty
Aquila, thank you very much I love your explanation. I must admit I don’t understand anything about quantum physics or atomic particles but I accept it and will have to do some reading.
William r, your explanation makes no sense thanking would just be something else predetermined if everything else was. kisses Betty
So many of you have so many different explanations about the question of Free Will. I thank it is great and most of you are determined that we have it and so am I. I love you all and that is from my free will thank you, kisses Betty. The previous added details twice was not from my free will. I dont know why it happened. xx

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Answer by Atlas
There just is. Dang, is it really that hard to understand?

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  1. Maybe our “stage” was predetermined, but we still get to choose how we will act on it.

  2. we all have free will to do or believe whatever we want to believe as long as it’s morally sound it’s your choice to be an atheist just like it’s my choice to be agnostic

  3. Atheist or not, there are still mysteries in this world, free will is one of them.

    Happy Holidays, fellow human

  4. No, now I won’t help you.

    You would not listen.

    < <<<>>>>>>>>>>>

  5. We have free will but we’re not all powerful, we cannot decide everything but we can decide alot of things for ourselves, like what to think, what to believe, what we will wear when we go out, etc… hope this helps.

  6. Well you don’t know much about the nature of Quantum Mechanics, cause if you did, you’d know free will is a lie.

  7. we have the will to chose but once it is chosen it cannot be undone, therefore it must have been predetermined because it couldn’t have happened any other way, but if we chose that then it must be freewill becuase we are making the choice, all in all I don’t think they’re is an answer to your question.

    so “free will” can only last for the moment(exact present)

  8. Of COURSE you have free will.

    Just how do you rationalize the “Big Bang” and “Evolution” into some odd sort of future directing fate?

    If every event can de determined by some previous event, then why can’t you win all the time at roulette or in the stock market? It’s called RANDOM, that’s why.

    Of course, you COULD delude yourself into believing that there’s some sort of extremely complex prior events in play to force your actions/decisions.

    That way, you can claim you have NO responsibility for your own actions. Sad way to live tho, don’t you think?

  9. We have free will to the extent that when faced with things over which we HAVE a choice, we may use it.

    If we jump off a roof, we can’t choose not to fall down because of the law of gravity.

  10. certainly factors from the past impact us today, yesterday and tomorrow, but we still have choices in how to respond.

  11. Maybe you could think of it this way . . . . there is no higher power, force, or entity that makes or forces us to do certain things. Because of that, we are able to make our own daily decisions. Sure we may be influenced by sources outside of ourselves, but when all is said and done we have the power to make our own personal decisions.

  12. We do have free will. I think people use “predestination” and terms like this as excuses for their poor behavior. Can anyone really believe that rapists and murderers have no choice but to do what they do?

    People try to use the all-knowing power of God as evidence that people do not have free will. Why would we have the 10 Commandments and repentance from sin if we were just puppets to God?

    God sent His only son to save us, not to include Him in His puppet show.

    It is true that past events help shape future decisions, but I don’t think its comprehensible to say that every present event is simply dictated by a past one. The human mind is too complex to be played with so easily. What would be the point in life if everything has just been sort of “snow-balling” since the Big-Bang? If past events dictated the present, could people predict the future? People are too unpredictible–I believe in free will.

  13. Everything is not determined by a previous event, not even evolution. which is just adaption to the surroundings the organism happens to be in. We have free will, and we always will.Free will is nothing more than making choices. As long as you are capable of choice, you have free will.

  14. You seem to be confusing “free will” with having “absolutely nothing determining your decisions”. All decisions are influenced by many factors: culture, upbringing, circumstances, personal preference, etc. What “free will” means is that a person has the ability to make his own decisions and then is responsible for that decision and its consequences. Of course there may be influences that you can let effect your decision. But that does not get rid of free will. Two people in identical situations can make different decisions. It is their decision, and they live with the results. That is all “free will” means.

  15. Free will can only exist from the view of one that believes in creation. It is the understanding that God in His infinite power, allows us as humans the right or choice to love and accept Him. He doesn’t make you do anything. He allows you to make the choice. From the view of evolution, with no belief of God, we would just call it, doing what we want to do, when we want to do it. Some couple the 2 together and say that there was something that exist before evolution and God was involved and that we were first apes and then evolved. My Bible says we were created in God’s image and we went astray.

  16. If we had no free will, the how do you explain the possess of thinking? We have to have free will in order to make a decision, other wise we would all be exactly alike, automatons.

  17. According to standard physics there is no free will (since matter energy does what it has to do according to specific laws), however according to quantum physics (which is newer and far more advanced), there is free will because consciousness is not subject to the laws of physics. And here’s an example of how QP doesn’t care about the “laws of physics”… a single atomic particle can be in several places at the same time (the location of the particle depends on the observer), yes it’s strange but scientifically proven.

  18. Hmmmm. Assuming from the BBT and E hypothesis you mentioned, that all events are determined by previous events, then all motions in the universe are governed by brownian motions of atomic material, gravity, and inertia. All things, even thoughts and motions of “living” creatures, should simply “go with the flow”. There should be only orbiting motions and random bouncing!

    The simplest way to provide proof of “free will” in this system, then, is to find something going AGAINST the grain, AGAINST the flow, either mentally or physically or both.

    Ultimately, you find yourself proclaiming “I doubt (think), therefore I am.” Not bad company, that. Free will exists in the place where a body goes against the stream, against gravity, without the brownian bump, and breaks intertia on its own.

  19. God is in sovereign control of all things. God does not create evil, but he uses it for his purpose. the decrees of God are his eternal plan and purpose in which he has foreordained all things that come to pass.
    The natural person has free will but not the ability to believe.
    Romans 9: 22, 23 (ESV) “What if God, desiring to show his wrath and to make known his power, has endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, in order to make known the riches of his glory for vessels of mercy, which he has prepared beforehand for glory”

  20. Ah freewill=freedom to choose
    Evolution is not = to freedom to choose since it is dependent upon other things to exist or to form into
    Man=freewill since he is allowed to choose in spite of his creation he does not have to be dependent to survive the here and now and exist apart from His creator. With a cost in the next life of course. Although he is still able to make that choice

  21. I’ve thought about this a little bit too. If determinism is true then free will is nonexistent, it’s 100% an illusion. Can the actions of the brain really be predicted based on what’s effecting it at the moment though? On the molecular level, according to quantum mechanics, it can’t be. I suggest you google “Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle”.

    You might like this video too:

  22. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. At the quantum level, the interactions of cause and effect are not entirely predictable. One you can say that one neuron may or may not fire under a set condition, the door is open to free will.

  23. Well it seems obvious to me that whether we have freewill or not is ultimately up to us!
    So I think that proves the question. It’s pretty simple.

    As for these other “theories” you mention….. we also have the free will to accept them as a truth or not . They are ultimately just therories.

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