Nov 102013

Question by Daniel: How often do you read books in a time frame of your choosing?
I read around one a week. The topics are always changing. Right now I have five books on neuroscience, two on economics, two on political theory, and one on American history. All from the library.

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Answer by David
I read 2-3 times a day.

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  1. I dont read

  2. It all depends if the book I have now starts off interestingly. Sometimes I’ll spend the whole day reading or an hour at a time. If its good it’ll stay on my mind the whole day.

  3. i’m not sure what you mean by in a time from of my choosing. apart from books for class, I always read in the time frame of my choosing.

  4. I usually read everyday for about 3 hours except on the weekends. So basically I finish one good sized book a week. Currently in the Maximum Ride series.

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