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Question by Emperor Insania Says Bye!: How many times is appropriate to stand up and sit down during the singing of hymns?
Generally I think 3 is the average. Is that some sort of mystic connection to the trinity?

I know not all do this 3 times, some do the standup/sitdown combo more than that for extra spiritual umphf.
Born-again Catholic – You’re tough! lol

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Answer by Captain Obvious
I personally think a good loud belch will liven things up.

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  7 Responses to “How many times is appropriate to stand up and sit down during the singing of hymns?”

  1. Its a personal thing, you decide.

  2. In my church, never unless directed by the chorister to do so and usually just to sort of stretch during longer meetings.

  3. This is one of the many problems with religion. Who cares how many times one must sit or stand, just worship GOD.

  4. There is no set standing or sitting during hyms…if you yourself feel compelled to stand then do…if not then sit………its the music from within that should compell you and your relationship towards God and how you feel…not if the whole is doing it or not………….see this is another custom and tradition of man….that makes Gods word of no affect !!!

  5. I wished they would let you sit down when singing. Most of us who are disabeled have a hard time standing up. I know in our congagation they say :”Those who are able of standing up, please stand up. ” Most of the time me and my partner sit down. SHe has bad knee’s and I have a heart condition that prevents me from standing too long.

  6. If it is a ritual, abolish it.

  7. We’re such wimps these days. Used to be that there were *no* seats in churches/cathedrals; folks stood the entire time except during the Eucharistic prayers and consecration when they knelt on the hard (stone or earth) floor.

    Edited: That was quite a bit before my time, youngster. As in several centuries. :)

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