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Question by MILES P: How many of you would actually purchase a fun novel that provided a realistic link between God and UFOS?
I know people have mentioned the Nephilim theory but what if some author took the time to put the theory into a novel that was fun to read but at the same time connected the dots to the UFO mystery. For instance why are the aliens not having regular open briefings with the president or with all the world leaders for that matter. If you are a Christian does this bug you like it does me? How come there’s not a UFO on display and open to public inspection. And finally if there are aliens with extreme science and technology why haven’t they taken over our race by now? (Check out the novel UFOS GOD AND THE DEVIL)

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Answer by Egiptian
God is an extraterrestrial too and not all of them a bad, reptillian or grey. Some look like us and have interbred with us like they did in Gen-6:4. This is nothing new because it has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. This is also the reason why people have so many images of their god that differ from others. These images are representations of the beings who visited them.


This can be found in any religion or ancient culture as the one thing they all share in common.


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