Oct 122013

Question by Dy699: How long do SKYPE INTERVIEWS for graduate studies last?
I am applying for masters in Neuroscience and the university decided to interview me on Skype.
-How long will the interview be (approx.)?
-What type of questions should I expect?
-What can I ask them?


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Answer by JQuick
Nobody can answer your questions except the person who will be interviewing you, or perhaps the administrative secretary of the department for that graduate program. If you don’t answer the questions very well, the interview might not last very long at all. These interviews are often focused on how well you are prepared to handle the program, to compare you to other candidates, to judge your verbal communication ability, and to see if the program is a good match for you. Expect to explain why you picked that program compared to similar programs at other universities. You should study the specific interests and research areas of all the faculty in the program and be able to discuss each professor by name that focuses on topics that match your interests. If a few professors are particularly good for your research topics, then do your homework on them by reading all of their most important papers and publications well enough to discuss the topics intelligently. Your preparation (or lack of it) will show very quickly in the interview. Many students do not prepare extensively for interviews, so doing this research could set you apart from the rest of the applicants. Professors want highly motivated graduate students that they can use to the research work for them, so that they can get most of the credit.

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