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Question by Chris Oh: How is the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, an awakening for western civilization?
To whomever read the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, how is this novel an awakening for western civilization?

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Answer by Catzeyes
The Western world is shielded from many of the horrors which occurred in Afghanistan during the time in which was set. Many instances, such as Hassan’s rape, the scenes which show a woman being stoned to death and the severity of the abuse which causes Sohrab to make a suicide attempt, among others, are events that are quite alien to Western civilisation. Whilst we may hear of such events, we do not like to dwell on them for their awfulness, yet ‘The Kite Runner’ explains them clearly which opens a western reader’s eyes to such catatrophic events.

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  1. because it deeply explores the culture and typical lives of people from a very different culture. it is written in a shocking way aimed at western readers and i think it is an accurate portrayal of the culture it is set in. i believe it is designed to make westeners reflect on the inequality we have and the prejeduces that we may still have deep- rooted in our society, and it also reflects western society as we still have definite class divide as seen in this novel. it is something that we can relate to, as the friendship between the two boys would be treated in much the same way in our society. …. hope this helps.. if you are writing a school essay on this or something i find that you can get the highest grades if you talk about the subject with conviction and explore unique facts and origonal details….make it ‘deep’. (btw im english and class divides are still relatively apparent, but may not be if you are american/ european…)hope this helps x

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