Jan 022012

Question by Malignant Narcissist: How is it that you are considered “enlightened” if you want the government to have more control of our pockets?
and our lives?

Being that the government has a track record of wasting money and driving up deficits without any evidence that they have ever even attempted to be fiscally responsible, wouldn’t that make you anything but enlightened?

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I consider myself enlightened because I can see through simple-minded conservative arguments.

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  8 Responses to “How is it that you are considered “enlightened” if you want the government to have more control of our pockets?”

  1. There is a group that considers surrendering your will to the Political Class, enlightened.

  2. I consider that to be blind to reality, as far from enlightened as it gets.

  3. Some people need to be controlled. Easy credit and no regulation is how dumb people think they HAVE more money then they earned. Including wall street thugs.

    If you want these idiots running around wasting your money be my guest, I’d rather keep mine thank you.

  4. I will never work again, the government has convinced me that I should never work again.

  5. We know you’ve been convinced that you can get something for nothing but it isn’t true.

  6. Libs don’t consider themselves Enlightened, but rather Entitled.

  7. I don’t know how anyone could be enlightened if they spend their entire day posting stupid questions on this site.

  8. you’re not if thats how you think, you are unenlightened, they just forgot the prefix

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