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Question by Grace: How does Full Metal Alchemist: The Brotherhood work with the way FMA ended?
I just finished watching Full Metal Alchemist and it’s movie sequel for the first time, and now I’m confused.
From what I’ve seen in ads and friends talking, Edward is still alive and in his original world in the Brotherhood, but he’s older.
How does that work? The original FMA (and movie) put Edward in our world. They put him there from the moment he saved Al, So how does it work?
Spoilers welcomed. I don’t mind.

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Answer by mimile1999
Brotherhood does not have anything to do with the first season.it just follows the manga.

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  1. Actually Brotherhood doesn’t have anything to do with the first FMA series. The first caught up with the manga fairly fast and then started on their own story line and also had a movie go with it. Brotherhood started at the beginning and has followed the manga strictly from the beginning, so if you watch Bro the first few eps are the same but soon goes another way as the manga intended. Good viewing either way :)

  2. Original FMA and FMA: Brotherhood have nothing to do with each other.

    FMA: Brotherhood is based on the manga.

    Original FMA is a giant series of filler made by the company on behalf of the mangaka’s request to have it different from her manga’s storyline.

    FMA: Brotherhood is the original FMA.

    Why they are doing this now? It’s because the mangaka has enough chapters for the anime production to cover.

    Only first ten episodes of FMA: Brotherhood are the same as the first FMA, but watch around episode 1 and 4-7. There are differences.

  3. FMA Brotherhood is a new version of the anime that stays faithful to the manga. The first anime series dosen’t follow the manga faithfully from like halfway through. So that’s why thing with edward is like that.

  4. who knows…………………… I was actually thinking the samething

  5. Their stories aren’t really connected at all…
    Conqueror of Shamballa is the End of that Fullmetal Alchemist story….though there is the Premium OVA Collection too(it’s a collection of 4 fun shorts)

    The first Fullmetal Alchemist anime was made in 2003/2004, when the manga was only a few volumes long, so they just took a bit of the manga and fit it into its own story.
    Now, the manga is over 20 volumes long and it seems to be getting close to an end, so they’ve made Brotherhood as a reboot to follow the manga’s plot.

    Episode one of Brotherhood is a filler to introduce new and old fans to the story, Episode two shows a bit of how their human transmutation attempt and Ed’s state alchemy exam happened in the manga, and episodes 3-13 contain stories that you’ve already seen in the first anime(Lior, Nina, Scar, Rush Valley, Lab 5, etc)…however, there are some very significant differences since the 2003 anime changed some of them very much to fit into it’s own plot.

    Once you reach around episode 14, it’ll start showing the story from the point where the first anime basically stopped following the manga at all and the story will really start to pick up.

    It’s best to forget what you know of the first series if you watch Brotherhood, though.
    *spoiler alert*
    The gate’s different and doesn’t cross into our world, Dante doesn’t exist, the way homunculi are created is different, some of the homunculi are different since they hadn’t all been introduced in the manga when the first anime was made, Mustang didn’t kill Winry’s parents, etc. After around ep 14, it’s an entirely different different story and more characters will be introduced into the story….(and it’s a pretty amazing series and plot)

  6. FMA Brotherhood is another series that follows the manga. The first series ended that way cause the manga wasn’t done yet so I guess they made up a ending.
    The FMA movie is just three years gone by since the day Ed went to the other side of the gate.

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