Nov 172013

Question by Sarah: how does an american childhood break the surface of awareness, how the nature of consciousness changes?
i need help! for my english class we have to do a creative project for annie dillard’s book, an american childhood. i need to find passages, examples,details,incidents,etc. that go with the thread breaking the surface of awareness, how the nature of consciousness changes. please, please, please help.

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Answer by bluestar
If the project is creative, then you have to be creative in your presentation. You might create a metaphor of a seed growing into a tree, and display charts that show the growth of the main characters. Well, I am not familiar with the book, but I can surely pull together a creative project and sell it. It is done with brain storming and organizing thoughts. Another metaphor could be of birth, the womb,and then the growth, and then the birth out into the world. But maybe that would be too much for your class. To be creative, some things are charts, portfolios, games, agree/disagree discussion sheets, breaking the class into groups, hand outs, power point programs, using the overhead projector, acting very excited, then, writing a quiz and testing them on what they learned. Then, you thank them and leave the stage. Color is considered creative. If it is just a short project, no sweat, just find the passages and make your song or poem or charts or clay figures or illustrative metaphor and have some fun showing your creativity. Look at the class for eye contact, smile, and bring out the main points. The idea probably is that your presentation will take the place of their having to read it. How fun. Go for the old R & D, and dress up too. It is good for a high grade and shows professionalism, so the class will respond as if to a grown up and not a young person.

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