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Question by : How do you spell Maître d’ if you want to spell it in upper case?
I would like to spell this word in the upper case. But I don’t know how to make that funny hat thing on top of a capital I on Word. I really need to know how to do it. Thanks Thanks.

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Answer by Goddess of Grammar
Accents are usually left off capital letters in French.

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  1. Yes, accents are often omitted when French is capitalised, but the practice is not universal as the following sign for Paris’s most famous street, the Champs-Elysées, illustrates:


    So here’s how you type your uppercase I with circumflex accent:

    alt-215 OR alt-0206
    This works on all PCs. Press down the alt key on the left of the space bar. Make sure Num Lock light is on, otherwise click the Num Lock key once to switch it on. Type either 215 or 0206 on the keypad on the right of the keyboard. Release the alt key and “Δ should appear.


    In Word, Ctrl+^,Shift+I.

    So you can not only type “maître” now, but also “MAÎTRE”.

    Finally, here’s a film poster with “LE MAÎTRE DU JEU” with an uppercase “I” with circumflex accent, just to prove that “maître” is occasionally written “MAÎTRE” in France:


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