Sep 182011

Question by goldensungod: How do you make Alchemist’s Fire?
Does anybody know how to make a substance similar to Alchemist’s Fire in D&D. If you do please submit the recipe or email it to me.
Alchemist’s Fire is an item that can be thrown. When it hits an opponent it deals 1d6 points of fire damage, one 1 point of splash damage. It can also catch characters/monsters on fire.

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Answer by Kurasuke
Could you describe Alchemist’s Fire better? Is it like Napalm or something?

EDIT: I do play DnD but I am not familiar with this spell.

EDIT EDIT: It sounds kinda like a Molotov Cocktail actually… And I’m not describing how one makes that.

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  1. what is an Alchemist’s fire? what is D and D?

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