Jan 202012

Question by Discordia: How do New Zealanders feel about New Zealand becoming a state of Australia?
Think of the rugby league state of origin; it could be a tri-series between New South Wales, Queensland and New Zealand; wouldn’t that be cool!?!?

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Answer by Philip S
A better question would be if Australia would accept New Zealand as a state.New Zealanders would have to learn English.

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  1. Aw, come off the raw prawn mate, Australia is already part of NZ – it’s that island just over the ditch that we head to for a holiday.

  2. I think New Zealand shouldn’t be a state of Australia – they are 2 different countries

  3. Hey smart Ass Kiwis Australia already owns NZ, Because we own all your banks and because of that your money is based in OZ.

    Get use to my Kiwi cousins we own you, You can wave your flags and brag about how beautiful your country is but we still own you.

    Except its not official. Thats the difference….

  4. New Zealand IS a state of Australia. It comes just below Tasmania, on the list.

  5. noway

  6. Australia is an Abo country which originates from some African country
    New Zealand has Maoris from the pacific and British who came from England,
    totally different countries

  7. I think that’s an awful idea.

  8. I think they would be insulted,

    We didnt goto the “war” we are not terror targets, we are not interested in foreign conquests…….

    Best Australia stays a state of America and the kiwis continue as a peaceful nation.

  9. Australia has been a state of New Zealand for I dont no how long an no it wouldnt be cool your a drain on the NZ economy cos we have to keep sending over staff to do your jobs cause you cant do them yourselves I mean come on Aussie pull your bloody head in an stand on your own 2 feet an stop asking so where the bloody hell are you. Im right here ok

  10. No it wouldnt be very cool at all.

    Why does Australia need New Zealand? Apparently they already own/claim half the stuff we have or have done.
    Anyone who’s seen the STATE insurance commercial will know what i’m talking about.

    Next thing you know we’ll all be talking about the ‘roos and them bloody sheilas.
    No thanks.

  11. ask john key

  12. Gah. NZ would put a huge drain on the Australian economy.

  13. WTF then we couldn’t smash the aussies in rugby and league!

    personly the idea is shit its neva gona happen! EVA

  14. nz is already australias ashole.keep the stink on the other side of the river.pity nz is not another 10 thousand kilometers away.

  15. to the smart ass Who said that new zealanders had to learn better english get rid of your twang then go to posonby then we can talk….

    no way should we be a state of oz we are a very different country and rugby and sport in general would just not be as exciteing if we were the same country

  16. Better question is, how would Australia feel about becoming a province of NZ!

  17. The answer of an exetpr. Good to hear from you.

  18. That’s not just the best answer. It’s the bestest answer!

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