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Question by Sunny D: How did the ancient mystics know about everything we are learning about today?
When it comes to today’s scientific discoveries of consciousness, non-locality, you name it, how did the ancient mystics, specifically the Hindu and Buddhist ones, know about this already? They obviously didn’t know quantum physics. Did they get help from aliens? Or does meditation just teach you all this somehow? Theories?

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Answer by Tim
luck guess.

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  1. They didn’t. But obviously they knew some things. For example, they knew the Earth was round, but Eratosthenes of Cyrene did a scientific experiment in 200 BC to show that. Ancient people were just as clever and intelligent as we are today, it’s just that they didn’t have the benefit of the technology that we have.

    In specific, I’m not sure what you’re referring to regarding consciousness or non-locality. However, in the mystical, vague and flowery prose of ancient religious writings such as the Hindu vedas, you could probably find some passage vague enough to force-fit to some aspect of any selected modern scientific idea and say “hey, this fits!”.

  2. Much of what they knew was gained by simply observing nature, even today many of our advances are based on those same observations.

  3. Or the Mayans who knew the exact age of the universe. theirs a few theories and i think the most likely is alien intervention. I mean think about it they often referred to people coming from the sky and giving information. or the sumerians who didn’t have a technological progression but instead linear and spontaneous leaps in information without any explanation. phoenixes, dragons other what we have interpreted to be “mythological” creatures when we know stories were the best way to tell history back then before writing was invented. but what do they have in common? flying things that have bright lights or “fire”. they had no grasp on the technological aspects of spacecrafts so they described it in a story they could all grasp.

    Don’t even get me started on the pyramids, we don’t have the resources to this day to build them to such perfect accuracy as they stand. but the list keeps going on and modern historians don’t even come close to answering any of the questions. If aliens wanted to be here and for us to not know IT WOULD BE SO. We cant even speculate on the technology they would have if they made it to our star system. the closest star is 4.2 light years away, so they would probably have to go faster than the speed of light (which is possible) to get here.

    I mean thousands of people have reported to have been either abducted by or seen a UFO (of extraterrestrial nature) and it sure it all sounds crazy, but most skeptics haven’t really done the research to be perfectly honest. Blind skepticism is a legitimate thing. But theirs some well educated and reputable people who put their names on the line for this theory, and i think it deserves a legitimate spot in the scientific community.

  4. They didn’t. The ancients knew nothing at all about quantum mechanics. How could they? It had no effect on their lives at all. People who interpret Bible quotes and other historic texts to try to tell the future or discover something new have never done so. It’s all ‘after the fact’ interpretation, just like prophecy – they pick something random and then claim their interpretation matches their (usually misunderstanding of) quantum mechanics. It says far more about them than it says about the universe or ancient cultures.

  5. They didn’t of course, it just that many of believe they did. Look at one answer here stating modern people couldn’t build pyramids and Mayans new the age of the Universe. Both those ideas are absurd and easily checked for accuracy. Much like the “you name it’s” you mention. There’s no basis in fact for any of it.

  6. If Krishna never came it was probably from enlightened people that came here and how had a lot of good karma and a good body and nervous system and they were just naturals at finding and using meditation.

    Than there is this.

    Keys of Our Past



  7. This is easier to explain with an example.

    If someone were to take a sheet of white paper and a #2 pencil with which you were to draw a circle in the center of the paper.

    If you were to give it to the mystic and ask them if they could see an orange paper with a purple circle drawn on it, they would look at it and allow their imagination to see it the way you asked. They would understand that the paper was white and the circle was dark grey but in their mind they could also see the orange and purple.

    If you hand the same paper to someone who is limited to scientific evidence, they would see only the white and grey based on your question, you did not ask them to imagine it as orange and purple.

    Mystics accepted certain things based on observation and personal experience. The subconscious tends to not be limited to only that which can be experienced and explained through the physical senses. Mystics are more likely to access and expand on information collected through the subconscious.

    The scientist tends to limit them self to what can be controlled and reproduced in order to collect evidence through the physical senses based on conscious awareness. Occasionally some scientifically minded person will question the smallest details and find new evidence, this is how science corrects itself and progress is made.

    Over the past couple decades there has been research being done in the area of consciousness expansion. It has been more from the perspective of the mystic than from the accepted scientific method. It has been with the approach that the dismissal of claims based on lack of evidence may not be a valid assumption. Understanding of the surrounding factors has shown that the application of accepted scientific methodology that is appropriate for physics may actually be counterproductive when applied to certain claims that involve conscious and subconscious awareness in order to acquire evidence is counterproductive. Experimentation toward application without understanding has shown positive results depending on outside influences which also leads to better understanding of applications which in turn may lead to verifiable evidence. What has in the past (and currently based on scientific methodology) been considered beyond humanly possible may in the future be considered possible. It will be interesting to see how much information becomes available being that the US Navy has reported that they are currently attempting to apply certain aspects of such expanded consciousness. I do not expect the reports to be any more explicit than the declassified sections of the US Army programs which (pseudo)skeptics claim as evidence of Remote Viewing being not “possible” even though the official statement was that it was not “applicable” for military purposes. There were too many human factors and outside influences for standardized usefulness and the intended purposes.

    The ancient mystics did not know about everything, they just had a different way of looking things.

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