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Question by Sachin – Ready Made: How did Science itself come into existence without the need of a supernatural power?
God should be the Master of Science or else how could the physics laws, mathematical equations, chemical reactions, biological processes come into existence.

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Answer by LoveThyGod
He is the master of you and that’s all that matters.

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  14 Responses to “How did Science itself come into existence without the need of a supernatural power?”

  1. Yeah, according to the great big book of god the Earth is flat and bats are birds. Not going to rely on god for anything scientific.

  2. Science is a tool for observing and learning about the universe. It isn’t an entity of itself. It is a man-made construct, like God is.

    You might as well blame clocks for time.

  3. Roll of the dice.

  4. Nothing supernatural exists, it is a fact.

  5. You mean where did the laws of physics come from? I have no idea. Maybe it was God. Maybe it was a bunch of Gods. Maybe it was another unknown force. Maybe the laws of physics are eternal. Maybe the explanation is beyond our understanding.

    Honestly, nobody knows. But it doesn’t stop folks from guessing and calling it fact.

  6. Ugh this tired old Chris Chun argument again?

    Don’t you bozos get tired of repeating yourselves only to be shot down time after time??

    In anycase this argument is easily turned back on you Chris Chuns by us atheists saying to you…

    If you believe that something can’t come from nothing then you have to acknowledge that your buy bull god also has a creator which refutes buy bull god’s claims that he is the first and the last the beginning and the end alpha and omega etc.

  7. Science didn’t just pop into existence, it’s always been there, but this is also to broad of a question, think about it. Science is a subject that covers millions of subjects, so what subject in science are we talking about here? Evolution? Physics? Chemistry?
    Also, your lack of understanding science doesn’t proof that there is a God or something of Supernatural Power behind science. I’d say do some studying, this question is the broad to really answer. Study the Big Bang, but studies that came from real scientists. Study and read the “Origins of Species” by Charles Darwin (It’s available in Barnes and Nobles for $8 if you get their edition), read books written by scientists like Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins, there are so many scientist that will teach you pure science, don’t study science books that are mingled with religion, because they are not really about science and they don’t show any real evidence. I’m not saying that science books that are pure science are Atheistic, but they do show you so much and it makes you think of the real beauties of science.

  8. science is a method of investigating and understanding reality not some kind of magic wand that puts everything in place

  9. Mark IX: The Bible is clear that the Earth is round not flat:
    Isaiah 40:22 Circle (or sphere) of the Earth
    Job 26:7 Earth is suspended by nothing

  10. I hope you are:

    1) 12
    2) A troll
    3) “Special”
    4) All of the above

  11. well science in its humble beginning stared as the searching of mankind for its creator but as the scientific knowledge was growing men started to realized that they where the creators of the gods that no god exist and that a timeless shapeless spaceless being is only located within our minds in our imagination so in other words science started as a “bridge” between men and god but as we were building this “bridge” we were realizing that this gap was getting bigger and bigger until one day we realized that this gap was actually an illusion created in our minds

  12. Perhaps, you are asking the wrong question. Perhaps, that’s why you have no answers.

  13. Science came about because people decided to learn about the world around them. No supernatural power needed, just good old curiosity.

  14. It did not. God is the creator of science.

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