Question by La Kesha M: How can you tell if a person practice witchcraft or voodoo?
How can you tell if someone practice using voodoo or witchcraft? My dad married a nut and it has been told to the family that the woman he married practice witchcraft or voodoo. There has been some strange things to happen and my family are very curious.

Also if it is practiced, how can it be stopped?

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Answer by ★☆★☆★ SuperCool ☆★☆★☆
Through prayer.

Don’t mean to cut down anyone here, but one thing needs to be made clear…voodoo or witchcraft is nothing of God. It’s the calling of spirits, in more times evil spirits. Even though some people play with it and think it’s funny, there are some areas, (very strong in some parts of Africa and some in N.O.) that it is practice very seriously and is not something that should be taking lightly or considered a form of worship. I’m sorry but I just had to say that. But as far as someone playing witchcraft, I would say you shouldn’t worry about it as long as you don’t get involved.

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