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Question by UP: How can I get a tan w/ out burning up or turning into a big freckle?
I am very fair complected. A couple of yrs ago I got in a tanning bed starting at only 5 mins for a week then up to 8 for a week then 10/week then 15/3 days then 20 the rest of the time. I actually got a tan for the first time in my life. I was so proud.I t’s just too hard to get to the salon to do it. I don’t want to be dark I just don’t want to look washed out. The sun almost always burns me and I have a pool and it’s free and I don’t have to get a sitter. I take melatonin at night to sleep and I heard it helped w/ your skin pigmentation. Please help me to feel better about myself. Please no answers saying just love yourself and be comfortable w/ who you are. I do love myself. I just want to be more confident . Tanning lotions are groce and the mystic tan works pretty well but it’s expensive and I hate getting sprayed.

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Answer by Jack Skellington
I didn’t read your whole question, but try a mystic tan.
It’s safe, spray on, and normally looks pretty good.

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  1. The gradual tanning lotions aren’t as gross as the ones that make you tan in one application. Jergens makes a decent one.

  2. I too am fair skinned and people around me are Italian need I say more. I try not to stay out in the sun too much but if i happen to I do use a sunscreen of a kinda low number I think 6. But after i come in for the day I shower and put an after sun lotion on such as by Banana Boat. I’ve never been so tan in my life.

  3. Get a tan in the sun, but only put sun sreen on. This helps you not get burned, just tan. hope it helps.

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