Dec 192011

Question by : help with a career path.?
So i just graduated high school and i have no idea what i want to do. i really thought about going into egyptology but thats an 8 year degree!! Im really interested in ancient cultures and really old mysteries like easter island and stonehenge ect. I sat down and thought about some classes i would like to take but when i look at the list it just looks like a bunch of random classes that wouldnt form into a career. Heres the list.
symbolic studies
Ancient history
Ancient Text and languages

i also really like studying space and planets. but im terrible at math and that plays a pretty big part in an astronomers career.
I want to be realistic here though. If i could take the guy from “Legend Quest” the show on scyfi That would be my dream job. but i highly doubt thats gonna happen.
I also want to travel and see the world. I like studying ancient greek and roman folklore and mythological creatures. I love being outdoors and studying animals and such. So a traveling job would be amazing for me.So if anybody could help me out as to any career paths i could take and jobs to look at it would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by soaplakegirl
Try archeology. That sounds like it would be a good fit for you.

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