May 162014

Question by Kailey: help me please :) with some physical science!!?
A scientific study of matter and how materials interact with each other at the atomic level describes which field of physical science?


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  1. The answer is Chemistry. In the universe, there exists only two things – matter and energy. Physical science deals with both chemistry and physics – the two main physical sciences. Chemistry seeks to understand matter – what its made of, how it changes when it interacts with other types of matter. Physics seeks to understand energy – a quantity all matter possesses some amount of, that allows it to cause a change in itself or in other things. I’m sure you have seen Einstein’s famous equation: E=mc^2. In this equation, c (even though its squared in the equation) is the speed of light and is a constant – its value does not change. The other two things in the equation are E (energy) and m (mass, something that only matter has). Thus, the equation tells us that “Energy is matter” – E = m x (constant that makes them mathematically equivalent). Since the two cannot be separated, physical science is concerned with understanding both.

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