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Question by Charles: Have You Ever Gone to a Parallel Universe?
Cutting edge science called quantum physics or quantum mechanics claims mathematical proof that alternate universes exist, and perhaps of infinite numbers. These alternative universes are similar to our own and may even exist in between our own space/time. Some part of this theory says that decisions in one universe have an opposite partner in another universe. OK, let us accept the general idea of alternative, parallel universes for my question purposes, at least.

Have you ever felt you had changed universes? How do you come to this conclusion? What evidence do you have to support your idea?

Recently, I put my hand on my forehead in a typical repetitive gesture I just do often. I immediately felt a bump there where there was none the night before. I had not hit my head, but this new bump felt like an old injury nearly healed. Point is, I had never felt that before and everyone knows that experience of suddenly feeling something definitely different. Then, I noticed some other things that were SLIGHTLY different from the days before. I think my consciousness somehow has appeared in my slightly different body in another universe.

Please, do not try to be funny; actually be funny or give a thoughtful answer. Thanks.

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Answer by ranger_co_1_75
Yes, frequently I slip into an alternative universe. I place my keys on the entry way table and when I go to look for them, they are on the vanity in the bathroom because I slipped into an alternative universe. I look in the fridge and there is plenty of cheese or bread. I go to make a sandwich and I am out of cheese and bread because I slipped into an alternative universe.

It number of times I slip into an alternative universe seems to be tied to my age. The older I get, the more times I slip into another universe.

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  1. I astral project alot thats a diffrent plane So yes consiously I am in an alternate universe.

  2. I agree….I cannot prove it about these other universe, plains, dimensions, planets……but I know they are there, I have been there. I remember, and my spirit guide came to me and helped me to remember when we both lived together, you see we both take turns coming back being redeem. I also been to other dimensions- universes when I astral project, especially when I astral travel, and I met up with my guide as I traveled floating through the night skies, these are some of my memories of them nights- times…..the awareness tells me it really did happen, especially when my spirit guide comes to me when I am fully awake, I know it happened, but I cannot put in you hand any tangible proof. You just have to trust me on what I say, especially if you already been there, or seen it through that bump of yours, that inner vision that helps you to see these things, awake, asleep, or astral traveling, as you slip there.

  3. Well, here you go….. you have body, physical you. Well there are other parts of you that are not seen with the eyes. Like, emotions, thoughts. memories, feelings, and others. These parts are of a subtler energies than the physical. But, to experience other universes is to only say that you experience another light spectrum. It is all right here. You just shift into another light. Kind of like let go of this physical self, the flesh. There are other films of reality that exist at the level of consciousness. They are measure in layers of sleep, Now, the thing with sleep is that we don’t typically carry our awareness over those other frequencies. Little do we know, each other universe is equipped with it’s own laws. Once you experience another dimension or universe or consciousness or channel or density or whatever you want to call it, you want to open more doors. I have experienced with many scopes of dimensions. You will experience with things like premonitions, healing powers, Universal Laws, Seeing the whole film of all time, or akashic records, and so much more. Then you share it all with the next individual who seeks to know.

  4. Quantum mechanics does not claim mathematical proof of anything. Quantum mechanics is an experimental science, if the test results don’t confirm the math, then it isn’t proof, and if the math isn’t testable in the real world, then they are just math results.

    The many-worlds interpretation has nothing to do with your decisions and their consequences. It is an interpretation of the microscopic world, where probability is used to determine how particles behave. So it wouldn’t be that you made one decision here and another somewhere else, but that all possible decisions at all levels exist – down to the properties of particles which do not exist until measured.

    Things are different because things happen. You can’t be aware of all things around you all of the time. Things get moved, we get bumps and scrapes and don’t remember how they got there, etc. These are not the result of slipping between universes, it is simply lapses in your memory and inability to pay attention to all things at all times – in short, plain old being human.

  5. There is only One ALL inclusive Universe!
    Everything that is ever discovered is, by definition, a feature of the One Universe.
    The theory of multiple Universes is an erroneous attempt to validate already accepted ‘beliefs’ and poorly examined assumptions!
    Basically, it is an ignorant theory and a clear violation of Occam’s razor!

    Cutting edge science called quantum physics or quantum mechanics claims mathematical proof that alternate universes exist

    ~~~ Love to read your link, so I can educate myself?
    I call BS!

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