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Question by Cash101: Has anyone got any ideas on how i can make the story i am writing sound dark and mysterious?
I cant say what the plot is about without the co-writers consent. But it is about mermaids, teen girls, best friends, lake and a bit of romance.

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  1. There are different ways, and people are always inventing new ways. It also depends on what kind of creepy you want, trying reading books like dracula, wuthering heights, salem lot, and the goosebump books, their all creepish but in their own way. It should give you a good idea of writing tecnique

  2. There could be a debated event of weather or not a mermaid drowned a human.

  3. mermaids, teen girls, best friends, lake & romance?
    dark and mysterious?
    ..I don’t think so

  4. Several of the worlds oceans are polluted with man-made debris beginning with the earliest ships crossing the Atlantic to submarines, undetonated mines, lost cargo, sunken oceanliners, spilled oil, and of course human remains. Humans have also littered the oceans and worlds waterways with tons of garbage and debris. In the sense the oceans can be murky, and dark even toward the surface. And keep in mind that despite the beautiful and bright way that the water is show in television shows and movies it is actually one of the only other places that repels light and has none the farther you go. It can be quite scary and lonely, communication is almost null and void and the pitch blackness can send a persons sensory into havoc. Also the depths are capable of crushing lungs and killing people which is why diving is such a cautious sport. Even leaving the depths too abrutly can cause death.

    ‘Despite the mermaids ability to see and hear better under water it seemed that they had fallen into an abyss. The chilly water tempetures seemed to drop the further they went and to slowly seep into their scales and fins. It was nothing like they had ever experienced before. They took hands and though the were able to communicate telepathically it was hard for them to swim undaunted. Like other undersea creatures they used sonar of sorts that bounced off objects. In some places it seemed like they had the miles of a desert laid out before them but here in this human graveyard, danger lurked at every swish of their tails.’


  5. maybe have the guy in the book be somewhat enigmatic. like, he is somewhat of a mystery, definitely hot, but somehow conflicted. the guy could be kind of a badass but still good, or not exactlyl sure… but he should be mysterious.
    also, maybe some fighting? or adventure to save something/someone?
    if it’s going to be dark ad mysterious maybe it should be a fantasy book, in which case there could be some wort of ancient magic or something.
    and then the typical “bad guys” i guess, like manipulation of some sort…
    there’d have to be some sort of like, dark, deep mermaid secret or something. or like an event that’s being covered up when something really bad happened.

    i don’t see how you could make it dark and mysterious if it isn’t in the sci fi/fantasy realm, but good luck either way!

    it reallyl does depend on the plot too…

  6. Spend time on the atmosphere. Picture your own idea of the settings, and focus on what you think makes it mysterious. Really visualize it. Then just tell your readers about what you see. Where are you? What hues do you notice? What is old, decaying, ignored? What seems special or important? Where is the light coming from (if any)?

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