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Question by CryingKidsDotCom: Harry Potter the most underdeveloped/dull character in the series?
Harry Potter is commonly loved by young and old because of the love and adventure/fantasy brought into the books and the high budget well written movies as well but no one seems to notice how dull the character Harry Potter really is. I mean come on he never really shows any true emotion except seeming upset or angry at points but he is so over rated, not the books or movies but how great he is/ He isnt that selfless either. Yeah his parents sacrifed themselves for him and he pretty much sacrificed himself in the last one but there was no emotion in it, he never showed he was upset to die but the reward of saving his friends and family was what motivated him and everyone praising him for not really doing anything. And the first 3-4 books were like mystery/detective books in a wizerdy world you cant deny that then it gets all heavy into horcruxes which I don’t think was originally planned and they through that into the mix and try to make Harry look so self ritious but in the end is really the least exciting character, he’s always so flat and dull and it just bores me. I love the movies and love the story’s but I just wish people would acknowledged this.
And a lot of his actions are unrealistic to the situation and as for his feelings toward his family treating him awful, he never really reacted to it or showed reaction other than singing happy birthday to himself or talking to hedwig.
@RKL88 you’re naming of all the things he’s done and not his motivation or characteristics/emotion. I could say I took a shit and think nothing of it as you said he is so exciting because he defeated the dark lord instead of saying why or what led him to that point.

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Answer by Leah
I understand where you’re coming from, his character ultimately IS dull. But I don’t think Harry was that unemotional. Think about it, you’re parents died and the family that you’ve been living with hates the living shit out of you…I mean…what are you supposed to feel?

It’s not like his main goal in life was to be praised, it’s just that he did what he had to do to save the ones that he truly valued in his life. In my point of view, the reason why Harry wasn’t upset about dying was because his loved ones were in danger and he still knew that the only way to save his friends was for him to succeed. I believe that that’s selflessness, a trait Harry had learned to develop over the books.

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  1. Have you read the books? Harry Potter is one of the most complex characters in literature. And as far as him being selfless, he sacrificed his life on numerous occasions. In EVERY BOOK he did something that could have got him killed, always trying to help someone else. He is always showing emotion. And what motivated him to walk into the hands of the dark lord was the fact that that was what he was suppose to do. He shows love, compassion, bravery, even fear. How can he be the least exiting character? He was responsible for vanquishing Voldemorte, he saved the sorcorer’s stone, saved Ginny from Riddle, freed Dobby, saved Buckbeak, and freed Sirious, did great at the Triwizard tournament, saved Mr Weasley, stopped the Death Eaters from stealing the prophecy, and DEFEATED THE DARK LORD.

    **Obviously, I am a Potter fan, but I am open to suggestions. So, what characters do you feel are more developed than Harry?

  2. Harry is irritating beyond belief. He does serve a purpose, though! He essentially is a glue. And nothing else. He makes the story, and all the fascinating and deserving characters, possible. I find it kind of interesting, actually, that the main character is so dull and unlikable. I mean,
    REALLY UNLIKABLE. Harry’s irrational and constant anger is tedious and sickening to read. I do love the stories and I’ve managed to fall in love with every character at one point or another…except Harry. He’s just a chore, and the way people treat him (not the fame thing) like he’s a martyr (which he may be in a literary sense, as his personality is sacrificed for the greater good of the story) and a hero deserving pity and praise and everything else, is bizarre. I often find myself nauseated just thinking about his character. Only recently has my distaste for him grown; I think it began more as indifference, but, yeah. He sucks.

    Glad you brought it up. I totally agree!

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