Happy Halloween

When I was a naughty boy, Harry Potter was my favorite book. From time to time, I imitated Harry to wear a pair of glasses, hold a stick and speak incantations which were funny enough to others, or ride a broom, running on the lawn front of house.

“Wingardium Leviosa”, I liked to speak the incantation and pointed to some stuff such as a book on a desk, a cup on a table or even a person on a chair although it did not work. Besides it, I also could tell some other incantations just like Alohomora to try to open a door and Locomotor Mortis to hold down someone’s legs.

When I was eight years old, I had my greatest Halloween Eve and I got my favorite glasses from my mother as a present which was so familiar with Harry. Wearing the glasses and my father’s large dust coat and holding a stick, I tried to play Harry as similar as possible.

At first I even wanted to use my stick to change the pumpkin to a Jack-O -Lantern which was with a charming smile. Actually I used a knife and finished the lantern finally. As the curtain of night enveloped the world, I took the lantern and went out with many children. With oddly masks, we called out that trick or treat and we could get candies and chocolate mostly.

If we received nothing, I would use the stick to point to their cat and try to change its color. As a matter of a fact, it did not work. And then my comates would laugh at me and wipe soap at the doorknob. The most popular game was bobbing for apples which were interesting and exciting for us children. When my turn came, I gripped an apple with great strength while my glasses were wet with water, so funny. Maybe I should use the stick to get an apple.

What a funny Halloween I had with a pair of glasses and the attire. Happy Halloween, though those incantations did not work. However I enjoyed enough.

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