Apr 182014

Question by : Greatest Alchemist(s) in history or fiction?
Best/legendary alchemists from real history, or from literature/video games/anime/movies, etc.

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Answer by Cloud Strife
edward elric the full metal alchemist

from the anime full metal alchemist/full metal alchemist brotherhood

hope i helped =)

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  4 Responses to “Greatest Alchemist(s) in history or fiction?”

  1. i agree with cloud. Full metal alchemist.

  2. Whoever created the internet!

  3. Nicholas flemel, the real life alchemist whom according to actual legend actually created a philosophers stone

  4. There was Isaac Newton. He believed that one could turn base metals into gold and what not. By the way, that is actually possible. It just takes a super hot core of a dying star.

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