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Question by Chris C: God and all Religion is just evolved ancient propaganda!! Proove me wrong.?
Anyway – i find it funny that so many people are brainwashed over social institutions to be conformed by the worlds most largest hoax and propaganda machine called religion. Yes its propaganda, it was created in ancient African tribes similar to the laws we hold in courts today. It was created as a form of “Fear” … do as is good or be destroyed by a thing unknown to us!!! Yes its evolved …. so society threw out religion as described in Africa, then they threw out the idea of mythology in Ancient Greece. The next wil be roman based religion, the only reason people still belive is because they dont want it to be fake.. they need something to believe in. Even though all religions have so much in common, i find it funny that you think that GOD is real but ZEUS is not… Same principle. stupid concept.

Its funny to read responses “Well how did the universe be without god? poof and its here?” << Well thats actually the way the bible describes it.. science is unravaling the mystery. I dont want to be mean Sparo but ur on the wrong track dude - I wont ring up the museum and say the bible is fake becuase its not... its real... BUT THE BIBLE WAS PART OF THE PROPAGANDA U IDIOT... THE BIBLE WANST CREATED BY GOD!!! IT WAS CREATED BY PEOPLE WHO WANTED U TO BELIEVE IN GOD!!! THEY FABRICATED THE EVIDENCE its not hard to understand the damn question. You sound like you need scientific proof for everything. OK so tell me : can you trace DNA from an ape directly to man ? not parts of DNA the whole structure. The answer is no. <<< Umm retard.... they did along time ago. FOR ALL YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT SCIENCE >>
Scientists make hypothesis before they do tests… then they make a more accurate hypothese based on these tests… then they make a judgment which needs to be prooven before it becomes fact… then they need to test it again to become scientific.
So please don’t say scientists are guessing because they arent allowed to without evidence…. this is were religion is different . they make a statement and u have to belive it… whether u can proove it or not.

And this is not about prooving me right because science is a never ending work in progress…. religion is a never ending work in opinion. Its very different.

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Answer by fireball226
i dont have to but He is real….AND BILLIONS KNOW IT CUZ THEYRE BORN AGAIN and thats why you dont understand…

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  20 Responses to “God and all Religion is just evolved ancient propaganda!! Proove me wrong.?”

  1. Well I still cannot prove you right.

    Perhaps God is made up–which is the theory I am leaning closest to.

    But some sort of “spiritual hand” may or may not have had something to do with the creation of the world and happenings in everyday life.

    And you do realize that this thread is only going to consist of ” RIGHT ON DUDE” and “JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY BLAH BLABH TRUTH” answers, right?

  2. Well, good for you for being so enlightened.
    But I’m happy with my propaganda.

    “Never argue with a pig . . . . . “

  3. ~~~~~~~~~YAWN~~~~~~~~~

  4. I once was Lost but know I’m found, was blind but know I see.
    Spiritual matter, faith..

  5. Prove yourself right.

    You can’t do it either.

    You’re as clueless as they.

    Hell, you are them!

  6. Just because you feel many religions are controlling doesn’t mean all forms of spirituality or even sects of religion are bad, or wrong, contrarily, many help people, although I see what you’re saying.

    No one can prove if there is a higher power or not. It’s good you focus on science. We explain what we can. But as you can’t prove there is not a higher power since that would be beyond science’s ability to measure or explain, you shouldn’t be so derogatory either.

  7. Why should anyone prove you wrong? You have the right to believe what you want. It’s called free-will. I got mine from God.

  8. To me there are many Gods and Goddesses, to u there may not be any. We each have our own beliefs that we are entitled to.

    BTW My Gods are laughing at u for posting such nonsense. Have fun…

    Blessed be!!!!

  9. funny one

  10. …………… keep us in line emotionally

    (mental slavery)

  11. You make many good points. However you confuse the issue of the existence of God with religion. When you calm down try to separate the two and then see if the recent discoveries in science point against, or towards the existence of God. You may be surprised to see that in the last 50 years the situation has changed 180 degrees, and science done properly has the atheists marginalized and backed up in the corner waving their fists in anger at the very Being they so hard try to disprove.

  12. Only an infinite God, or an infinite Creator, can explain infinite time, and infinite space…

    According to science the bumble bee can not fly?

  13. Interesting theory, but I don’t agree, and I don’t see any point to attempting to prove you wrong. Why? Because if that is your opinion it is unlikely I’ll come up with anything to change it, and “A wise man casts not his seeds upon rocky ground”.

  14. blah, blah, blah, we’ve heard all this rubbish before. Listen, science is only absolute until the next theory comes along and proves the first wrong. It happens time and time again. I think if anyone’s brainwashed around here its you. Pull some more BS out of your butt why don’t ya.

  15. Of course. Jesus, as depicted, is merely the sun-god reworked. That’s what the Halo is all about. There’s nothing that alarming about cultures “mining” the images/thoughts of previous cultures …… consider the sequence (Greek) Zeus to (Hellenic Italy’s) Zeus Pater to (Roman) Ju-piter. The transition is well documented over several centuries of language evolution.

    None of this proves religions per se are wrong, though.

  16. You sound like you need scientific proof for everything. OK so tell me : can you trace DNA from an ape directly to man ? not parts of DNA the whole structure. The answer is no.

  17. You do need to check your facts. You refer to knowledge base. Well, the institutes of Higher Learning seem to differ with your hypothesis. Most of the largest colleges and private universities have spent a lot of money on a hoax is what you are saying. Schools of Theology exist and education systems spend money and charge a lot of money to attend those schools. Are you so caught up to deny that Doctorates are give each year. Entire Libraries are dedicated to theology/ Religion. You have cited a lot of useless information You applaud Education so also do I for if you learn about God you should have no fear.

  18. And you are not aware that you are good proganda material for those who do not believe?
    Somehow you have to show gratitude that without those beliefs, our cultural and architectural heritage would not be as beautiful as it were and still being praised up to this generation.
    If all the kind of you was here in on earth earlier, the world could been all flat, straight, square, circle and triangle and life could have been so boring. Be thankful for existence of stupid people otherwise you will have no one to measure up yourself to.
    Don’t get me wrong because I too agree with you about the religious bad influences on the world but somehow you too should consider that without it, human philosophies may take time before it can be fully realized.
    Don’t you find it amusing that at least you have reasons for some fun out of the funny thing you find from people who are different from you? I wonder if all people are like you. A very perfect world of square people. Nothing to make life interestingly adventuresome I suppose.

  19. Why don’t you write the Museum of Cairo and tell them their artifacts depicting Biblical stories are fake?

    Or picket all the libraries with signs that the athiests of old were lying about this so-called Christ and a group called the Christians being persecuted for what they believed?

    Or go to the Library of Congress and tell them the Founding Fathers were delirious, even though they are resposible for the documents establishing freedom, because most of them believe in God?

    Oh, and phone Congress and ask them why they have a Pastor praying to ‘God’ each morning before session begins?

  20. You are a wretched unbeliever, Chris C, and your sins
    cry out to God for punishment! Your way of thinking is godless and wretched.

    I urge you to repent your sins and open your heart to the Lord.

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