Getting Started And Learning Your First Magic Tricks – A Guide

Both young and old have a special fascination with magic tricks. Just the thought of being able to amaze friends and yourself with your powers of prestidigitation is very exciting. However the best way to start is not necessarily to Google the word magic shop. I did this and all I could come up with was how to grow magic mushrooms, and we don’t want that, we want to enter a magic world, not slide down a rabbit hole and start hallucinating.

By the way, prestidigitation according to the dictionary means – skill in performing magic tricks. It is from this word that the famous conjure words came about too; Hey presto!

Finding the best magic shop is absolutely the best way to start, and start by making a collection of the top ten magic tricks for beginners. Top tens are always a good place to start with any new hobby, and the beauty of learning magic is that if you get really good, your skill can make you extra money.

With the right magic shop to advise you, turning your magic into gold could see you entertaining crowds. The demand for entertainers at market days, fetes, corporate events and birthday parties is high, and exposure to these environments is great practice too.

Sleight of hand has to be practiced to ensure the illusion is completely believable. So you have to have the correct tools to practice with, and these can only be found at the best magic shops.

There are three skill levels and each of these levels needs to be reached and perfected before moving onto the next. If you haven’ mastered the 50p Karate Coin, don’t try to saw your neighbors daughter in half, unless you don’t like her very much!

Get your magic shop to recommend a top five or top ten and work with these magic tricks first. Practice and move on to the next level of expertise, but only once the easy tricks have been mastered. With practice and determination you can possibly move onto safely sawing the neighbors other daughter in half.

Your favorite magic shop will advise which top ten to choose, and perhaps a good place to start would be with a tutorial DVD. Oz Pearlman has a good one called “Born To Perform”, the Executive Magic Collection has a good cross section of props to use and the amazing 50p karate coin is good fun. Pop into a magic world and learn how to say hey prestos and leave the room in a puff of smoke, leaving your audience wondering!

Bring magic to your world with Anthony’s magic shop find what you need to practice sleight of hand magic tricks.

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