Jun 262011

“New York Allows Same-Sex Marriage, Becoming Largest State to Pass Law” tinyurl.com ProfMTH’s channel 9Go sub – he’s fantastic) www.youtube.com
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  25 Responses to “Gay Marriage Legal in New York State! Lets keep going!”

  1. @AceofDiamonds0 Sex laws are rarely enforced, unless there’s some sort of under-age thing (which still has to be reported to be found out), they’re rarely acted upon.

  2. A man has sexual needs Jacob!

  3. I still don’t understand why homophobic people even care about queers and lesbiniminims getting married.

    Its an issue that affects me or you in absolutely no way, shape, or form whatsoever. So why do they care?

  4. Well said :> Heh I made a couple of videos on this recently myself, one on adoption and asking what is legal to discriminate against.

  5. I’m so glad your hair is finally growing back. Same with LiamJR24. :)

  6. @TheJohn864 Most people like that just need to be educated. You’d be surprised how people’s perception of gay people change when they actually get to know some.

  7. I just bumped into your channel.
    You are delicious. inside and out.
    This is coming from a native New Yorker! yay!

    Subscribed :)

  8. I agree with everything you just said. Fantastic video. Well thought out and brilliantly executed.

  9. Your a fantastic person, Jacob. I wish everybody thought the way you do.

  10. @HeartsControl That is part of the shrill claims of victimhood coming from American Christians. It is total bull. No Church is required to marry any particular kind of people at all. The First Amendment gives them plenty of protection to practice their stupid religions however they like (within very wide limits).

  11. @TheJohn864

    just trolling.

  12. @Ninjaculation r u high or just stupid.

  13. I’m like the only person in my little arena that is happy for gays. My brother and I was talking about this and he hate gays. And my kept telling him that people are born gay and he ask me the Stupidest fucking question I ever heard. He ask has I born gay and when I said no he said that proves people are not born gay. My response was just because I was born black doesn’t mean white people don’t exist, then he just walk out the room. Man I hate stupid people even if they family.

  14. is it me or does anybody think this is a little bit fake?

    have you read the bible? remember what it says? yeah.

    i dont believe in god. and i am bi. just had to point that out.

  15. Lol the end sounded like the ending to a bomb ass essay… I always try to end my essays on a epic note.

    I pretty much agreed with everything you said here.

  16. Thanks for being straight but not narrow.

  17. @Ninjaculation Whaaaaaat?

  18. @HeartsControl
    That’s like a story about gay people demanding that all gay people get free pancakes.

    “Maybe” it’s true, but nfw is that really going to happen

  19. Fan-fucking-tastic , that is all

  20. the only reason nazis get a bad rap is because they lost. So much of what they did is pretty standard stuff that other countries have always done.

  21. @MrYobitchez Because in many cases, it isn’t.

  22. @TheWatcherGrigori Pretty sure its one at a time.

  23. @HeartsControl Very reliable source thar ; )

  24. @s07561277 Most people in my country aren’t christians… at least, if they say they are, most don’t practice… AT ALL. We are quite socially secular here in the UK.

  25. @koorgen What habit?

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