Question by Just Be: From the Mystics perspective, what does it truly mean to be born again?
I’m not simply looking for the Christian perspective, but the understandings of others also.
The Bible speaks of becoming a new creature, What would be the Mystics understanding?
Not my usual type of question but thank you for taking the time to answer.
I do not TD, I do give TU!
Many Blessings!

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Answer by Mike November
Sorry man. I’m still mystified by the first one. Can you put the baby back in?

You know. On the off chance I’m right, I really wouldn’t put this off. Right away would be optimal, although you may have to roofie your mom. I’m not too cool with that. Whole thing kinda creeps me out.

Maybe your wife. Could you have two birthdays? Wow, could you be rererereborn?

Reborn regifting?

Next stop, late night television wealth building program!

Next ten callers only 99.99 if you act now!

Frickin’ genius! Thanks man. 🙂

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