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Unfortunately we have all been there. The subject matter is uninspiring and there is absolutely nothing you can do to make it visually stimulating. For me this usually occurs when I have to film an event or other social gathering however I never let it get me down; when this happens I figure I have two choices, I can either let the boring and humdrum win or I can use some of the following tricks and attempt to get some prize winning footage.

POV: Point of View Shot This means shooting the action from the point of view of the subject itself. One of the most memorable POV shots I have ever seen is during the film The Patriot when the cannon ball comes right at the camera and then cuts to a soldier being hit by that same cannon ball. It ignites interest and instantly forces the audience to become part of the action. Utilize POV shots when there is a lot of shots of the same action.

Rack Focus: Rack Focus is when you change your focus between a close subject and a distant subject. You can get some pretty amazing footage using these because it puts the camera man in direct control of the audience. By manually switching the focus of the camera between subjects distant and close you include two totally distinct subjects without cutting or moving the camera. You are forcing your audience to follow the focus since the blurred images are not easily interpreted. This technique adds a professional look to any video.

Crooked Angle: You can get some great shot simply by turning the camera to the side so the ground is no longer parallel with the square of the viewfinder. You will be amazed at how incredible some of these shots can be. A bit of a warning though, try to keep the camera somewhat still as a lot of movement may make your audience sick. Using very slight movement at crooked angles is an easy way to create interest and cast your subjects in a new light.

Track Shot: If you can figure out the logistics track shots is a great way to get a video that will hold peoples interest. A track shot is when you move the camera in a definite path. You can do this shot using a wheelchair or skateboard but it creates some amazing video!

Using these four classic shots will definitely increase the interest of your productions and leave your audience wanting more.

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