Female Horoscopy and What It Can Reveal

A study of the female horoscopy will be of immense interest in view of the rapid advancement that women are making from all walks of life.

Important Combinations:

1.From the rising sign at the time of birth the complexion and beauty of general appearance of a female needs to be ascertained. Marital happiness must be consulted from the eighth house. From the seventh house the passions, husband’s character and her fortunes are to be predicted; and pregnancy, issues, conception and abortion related matters need to be determined from the fifth house.

2.If Saturn and Venus exchange their navamsas, the girl becomes extremely passionate and gratifies her instincts by unnatural methods.

3.If the Ascendant or the Moon falls in the Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio and if Mars is mot well situated, the girl becomes a prostitute before puberty. If the Ascendant falls in the Trimsamsa of Venus she becomes adulterous; if in Jupiter she will be a dignified, modest and virtuous girl; if in Mercury she becomes cunning and if in Saturn – dependant and depraved.

4.The woman becomes a widow soon after marriage if Mars is in the seventh house with absolutely no beneficial aspect, but having malefic aspects. The Sun in the seventh house in a similar position makes her to be neglected by her husband.

5.If the seventh bhava falls in the navamsa of Mars, and has the aspect of Saturn the girl possesses a diseased sexual organ.

Beneficial Combinations (Raja Yoga):

6.Jupiter is in the Ascendant, the Moon in the seventh house and the Venus is placed in the tenth house, and the woman will become the spouse of a very rich man, even if she is born in humble surroundings.

7.If Jupiter is well posited in the Shadvargas and is powerfully aspected by the Moon, the woman’s husband will get a responsible and lucrative position as minister or as an equal to a King.

8.A woman will have a great political power if the quadrants are occupied by benefics and the seventh house falls in a masculine sign.

9.Mars in the third or sixth house in auspicious Shadvargas cause a very powerful Raja Yoga.

10.A powerful Raja Yoga is caused if Gemini becomes the Ascendant with waxing Moon with the Sun and the Mercury in the tenth house.

11.If the Sun possessing beneficial Shadvargas occupies the third house and the Saturn is in the sixth house, a powerful Raja Yoga is created.


12.Conjunction of the lords of the seventh and the eighth house

13.Lord of the seventh house with Saturn and aspected by Mars.

14.Rahu and Moon in the eighth house with evil aspects.

15.The conjunction of the lords of the first and the eighth house in the twelfth house and malefic aspects over the eighth.

16.The seventh house and the lords between two or more evil planets without any beneficial effects.

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