Question by BobG: Effect on physics by human consciousness?
Are there any studies of the effects of human consciousness on physics? I am aware of some people viewing the difference in particle behavior in the double slit experiment when there is human observation and when there is not. There any articles out there on this, or things like this? Thanks

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Answer by Martin G
Its not human consciousness that determines or even influences physics. What you are referring to is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Once you make the measurement you in a sense determine reality.

You have a billiard ball (bb) if you attempt to discover the bb’s current location you don’t know how fast it is going. If you try to determine the speed of the bb you don’t know its position.

Human thought and consciousness does not determine the physical world as you are thinking about it. And the observer does not have to be human. The observer is any time a choice is made and quantified.

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