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Awesome scholar of African World History, Dr. John Henrik Clarke lectures on the creation of the major organized religions of the world, what these religions are used for, and the need for people of African ancestry to analyze these religions that are all carbon copies of indigenous Afrikan spirituality.

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  2. I certainly like what this man has to say, it needs to be said more and by more people, but he seems to be missing the fact that even Europeans were originally Africans as well. The unity he is trying to arouse would thus also apply to Europeans, despite the differences in skin color and culture.

    Also I’m an atheist, so although I agree with what he says about religions, the spiritual superstitions of primitive Africans are just as foolish.

  3. @Bommelmensch “What do the moors have to do with europeans? ” alot. who do you think sparked the renaissance? and im not talking about the african slave trade. 1000 years before europeans were being traded as slaves throughout africa and the middle east. theres a book called they were white and they were slaves and also a video by j.pimenta bey on the moors. 1 of the reason why n.africa looks the way it looks 2day is because of the moors buying them from slave markets {mostly women for harems}

  4. @robinlue2008 What do the moors have to do with europeans?
    And why is the slave trade european?
    To my knowledge the slave trade was dominated by the jews, who are semites.
    And look how small the percentage of europeans was, who actually owned slaves.
    Enslavement had furthermore a much longer tradition in Africa itself.
    And how would you know as a “descendant” from african moors, if you didn’t get your white genes from a “whip cracker”, instead of an arabian “prince”?

  5. Henrik- typo

  6. I seriously appreciate the late and great Dr. John Henril Clarke. Incredible truth and wisdom. I study his works as well as Dr. Ben Johannan

  7. @Bommelmensch moor was a political designation for the peoples of the niger river all the way up to morroco,mauritania etc. and before n.africa looked the way it does now it was mainly “negroid” looking peoples. after the european slave trade the phenotype of the population changed. of course u wouldnt care. or would u? u cauasians have a very sick and unnatural facination with other peoples. especially us.

  8. @robinlue2008 It’s getting even more ridiculous.
    So your ancestors are from Northern Africa?

  9. @Bommelmensch im not black im moorish jackass!

  10. @robinlue2008 Did I scratch your black pride?

  11. @Bommelmensch why the fuck are u here? go watch lady gaga

  12. @agray77 That is the point though, he is not correct!!! And we are not attacking him we are attacking the black uneducated, gullible, buffoons who are believing his bollocks and blaming their ineptitude on white oppression like YOU!!!

  13. Why has there never been a technologically, culturally or socially advanced african people below the Sahara?

  14. I agree with Dr. Clarke. European Imperialism & Patriarchal Organized Religions have been devastating to the entire world. It is sufficient to read the Bible; only if you understand the original spiritual content. Some of the World’s worst forms of Racism, holocaust, & despair have stemmed from organized religion. Also; I think that you uneducated Youtube ‘mafias’ posting on Pro-Black sites-need to stop. He is correct, & you are obvious. Only the weak attack innocent intelligent victims.

  15. @jcox615 afrocentric fool

  16. @greeny202a wrong

  17. @greeny202a XD

  18. @nileb0y2241j LOL its only you crazy black Americans that still believe in the old race theory!!! You fucked up afro Yanks have got an inferiority complex, you hate whites with all your being when whites don’t give a fuck about you monkeys ha ha ha ha!!

  19. @greeny202a LOL! I didn’t know I was obsessed with white women. You people love makin’ excuses. Especially when it comes to antiquity. So craw back to the Hellish void you call Europe, Caveboy. LOL!

  20. @nileb0y2241j No contradictions at all…And you are the one obsessed with white women, why mention them specifically on a video about black history???? You are either jealous of them or perhaps you would like to be one????

  21. @greeny202a Contridicting yourself again? Lol! Why would I be jealous of white women? They ain’t nothin’ to be jealous of.

  22. @PiotrThePrimate Yes you are right, Clarke is trying to suggest that all religions in the world come from the worship of Ra in ancient Egypt, he does not understand that religions like Hinduism and Zoroastrianism are actually older than Ra worship. I mean look at the Australian “Dreamtime” religion, they have cave paintings of their gods which are 40,000 years old!!!

  23. @PiotrThePrimate My apologies: I meant to say I am agreement with Melodia and in disagreement with greeny202a.

  24. @greeny202a I’m not a Muslim, Christian or Jew — I am an atheist and I am in agreement with greeny202a that Clearke’s lecture is boring load of codswallop. Clarke is a buffoon. Anyone that has even a basic understanding of comparative religion can tell you that the three so-called Abrahamic faiths are related and that all three — Judaism, Christianity and Islam — are Middle-Eastern and semitic in origin. And NO the original Israelites weren’t negroids.

  25. Bufoonery dressed as scholarship. So Judaism — the root religion of Christinity and Islam — has negroid roots. What a joke! There is no concept equivalent to Judaic _kashrut_ to be found anywhere in the sub-Sahara. Sub-Saharan negroids eat anything and everything and they have always done so. There is no taboo even on eating human flesh. The Congolese hunt and eat Pygmies (Google “congo pygmies cannibalism”) and most negroids eat monkeys (“bushmeay) and that how HIV/AIDS came to be.

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